Monday, December 13, 2010

Tanjong Pinang = Nyla's Disneyland

Finally, the babe is asleep after our usual bedtime conversation. (recorded above!)
She was especially excited just now because we will be going for a short getaway soon.

Yeah, our end of year yearly trip with Mr E's family.
This time round, nearly 40 of his relatives (including us) will be going. Best abisssss!

*Syamirul, Shirah and Kak Ana. we will miss you. :( Get well soon!*

We just only told Nyla the good news because Mr E and I weren't sure if we will be able to go in the first place, with Mr E being very busy in school and me, with tuition.
My Primary 6 Bottoms Uppers have already started tuition 2 weeks ago.

So yes, Nyla! Daddy and Mommy will take leave and to Tanjung Pinang, we'll go babe!
Kids are real easy to please huh.
Upon finding out that she will be going to Tanjung Pinang, she called my parents to tell them not to miss her and all. Ya eleh! Baru 3 hari seh...
Seriously, her reaction was as if we told her we will be bringing her to Disneyland lor!

She has already packed her bag. (As usual, I need to unpack and repack when she is not looking.)

Let's do our hair and nails together-gether, my mini BFF and look pretty for Uncle Irfan and Aunty Ray's wedding k when we come back.

Nites peeps!

Busy day ahead. Tuition in the morning. Toga errands during lunchtime followed by another round of playdate with Nyla's friends. Have signed up all 7 kids for a workshop at the library in the afternoon. They will be creating pop up cards. Fun stuff.

I love the month of December. So many fun activities for the kids and us mommies can relack jack.