Thursday, December 16, 2010

Entrepreneurial Education

The only way to be safe in today's rapidly changing environment is to have the knowledge and skills to continually create opportunities of your own.
Of course I do wish for Nyla to be academically inclined and go to university and all...

However, in my honest opinion, a degree is now NOT a requirement for success.

Just look at Bill Gates.

I failed in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now he's an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft. - Bill Gates

I am also not that sort of parent who sends her child for as many enrichment lessons as possible.

The only enrichment class Nyla attends is Art because she has expressed interest in being an
illustrator in the upcoming stories she intends to write.

Ever since I quit the civil service to focus on Nyla, I have realised that all along, it has been the other way round.
When I modelled for First Lady, she too followed my footsteps and modelled for First Girl.

Everytime I am done with tuition, she'll grab the whiteboard marker and Mr E and I (and her soft toys) become her tutees.

When I set up the toga tailoring business last July with my mom, she too wanted to be involved by naming the toga pieces. Toothless Black...Cool Mentos Blue..

On top of that she even pestered her Tok Mommy to sew her a toga dress.

Of course, her Tok Mommy granted her wish.

I think the time has come for Mr E and I to teach Nyla E.E (Entrepreneurial Education) because we firmly believe that every child has the tools to be a successful entrepreneur.

They are imaginative....They dream big dreams....They are 'thick skinned'...Hehehe!

Mr E and I did touch on this topic at the the marriage symposium 2 weeks ago.

On 20 October 2010, I have already loudhailed about the existence of "Togas R Us".
Mr E, myself, my parents, my brothers and my sister in law have discussed over our many dinner sessions and....

we have appointed Nyla as the Director of The Excluzif Togas- Togas R Us

Nyla seems excited about her new job and that is a good start!
Because we must find our jobs enjoyable - exchanging our innate extraordinary ability for money (income).

Not only will Nyla model, she will also handle the toga orders. Hohoho. And how is she going to do that?

Having contributed as speakers for the topic on "Using New Infocomm Tools to interact with your children" previously, Mr E and I have signed up an email account for Nyla as well as a blog since she loves writing stories.

I'd rather she blog than become a couch potato and watch television.
Blogging enhances one's writing skills so in a way, she's writing a compo. Heeeee.
However please do not expect lengthy entries k and expect 'hiatus' because really, preschooler's mood swings can be pretty horrid.
To maximise learning, I'll get her to write her entry in her journal first. (Need her to practise penmanship!)

I'll correct her spelling/punctuation/grammatical errors and then she'll log on to blogger and type her second corrected draft.

PS: Mommies, when emailing Nyla to place your orders for your girls' togas, I advise you to sit down with your girl(s) and let your babe do the typing.

Not only are you shopping together, you are also teaching your babe a multitude of things here:

Independence. (girls choose which toga they like)
Structure of an email.
Language (at the same time, you correct their grammar, spelling and punctuation)

Now, as much as I condone kids to be tech savvy in this new digital age, parents MUST supervise ya.
Likewise, when Nyla processes the orders, Ill be sitting beside her guiding her. ;)

Meanwhile I kapoh one picture from her blog la ah. Too cute. Tooooo irresistable.

Togas R Us models!
Nyla And her BFF/classmate Trisha Nurdjaja.

So mommies, do hand hold your mini BFFs to Nyla's blog and she'll happily process your orders.

Click HERE.

Over to you, Nyla.