Sunday, December 12, 2010

WowART Holiday Workshop

During the Christmas season, WowART Learning Studio will be conducting a series of workshops for kids.
Nyla and myself (as well as other mommies and kiddos!) were very fortunate to be invited to its exclusive sneak preview of the workshop.
Cool stuff ey!

All dressed up for a learning adventure at WowART studio!

The girls, Nyla, Shiqah and Marsya were very happy to see one another they squeezed themselves together.

Cutesy Elisya also joined in the fun.

Ryan and Miqa!

Baby bam bam Ariz was present too!

Tis' the season to be jolly lalalalalalalala.
Christmas trees we will be makin' lalalalalalla!

Yeap, just like the previous session, mommies cannot escape.
No such thing as kids do art, mommies chit chat outside.

Erm, Diana....your flower looks hmmmm...unique.

Spot Di's flower.
Hint: the sunny side up - telor mata lembu one.

And look at our houses...
They are floating!
Seriously our Art teachers deserve to be shot la dey!

Ok ladies, let's get serious now.
Ready to make Christmas trees?

That's our ever so patient and smiley Teacher Gaz!

This woman took Art in secondary school and her tree was absolutely beautiful.

Judging by this picture, you make an excellent hairdresser too, Kin!

While the mommies were laughing away and all, the atmosphere over at the kiddos' room was a total opposite.
Our kids were super FOCUSED they put us to shame!
We are sooooooo proud of them.
I am hence convinced that the WowART's trainers nurture each child's imagination, versatility, self-awareness, motivation, confidence and independence.

Di's Marthin boys. Hizqeel sampai tongue ter-twist!

My Nyla.

The tripletmom Yati's Jannah looking for inspiration (cari ilham) on how to decorate her Christmas tree.
At the same time, thinking of her sisters Sarah and Adawiyah.

Vi's Shiqah

Another thing I love about WowART is that it's classes are kept small to ensure that every child gets the most out of his learning experience.

Us mommies finally serious working on our respective Christmas trees.
What I love about making friends with mommies is that we learn from one another.
Let me give you an example.
(Before that, Thanks Vi for the photos!)

Mother of 4 Yati shared with me her famous prawn Aglio Olio recipe and man, it should seriously be renamed as Aglio Air Liur! I whipped up this spaghetti dish for lunch....SUCCESS.
Thanks sis! Share with me some more easy recipes k!

Posing with our finished art work!
So mommies and daddies, let's not 'lock up' the kids at home ya!
It's the holiday season man. Let them participate in fun activities.

This month, WowART Learning Studio will be conducting a series of workshops for kids, introducing them to the exciting world of art works such as clay handling, glass painting and many many more!
Their courses inspire and nurture children from the ages of 2.5 to 12 years old.
As stated in their website, Art is a fundamental medium that helps children develop a sense of expression, communication and creativity.
Trust me, your kids will have a GREAT time.

For more info on their 'Christmas season holiday programme', do visit or call
+65 6352 2221
If you're on Facebook, do join this page:!/WowART.Learning
Okie Dokie, Have fun kiddos!