Monday, December 20, 2010

Togas R Us Candid Shots

So, the babe has beaten me to it and blogged about our Tanjung Pinang trip over at her blog.

I have tonnes of pictures but because nearly the whole day was spent discussing about our splendid experience at Tanjung Pinang for Nyla's blog entry, I am not going to blog about the same topic la ah.
Will blog about it soon enough.
Well Nyla didn't mention about our 3 days 2 nights 'food festival' since she's not that much of a food lover.

Itu gonggongs were so yummy I lost count how many I ate. 1 thing I know is that everytime I popped one into my mouth, I said Bismillah. Takot kena food poisoning!

Yup! Dyed my hair red. Heee! Remember previously Mr E helped me dye my hair jet black so that I'll look like Katy Perry? More like Katy Parah! Mr E looks like Katy Perry's YOUNGER brother seh. (Someone dyed his hair brown -black mah. heeeeeee!)
Anyhoots, damn the black hair lor. Hair colour's pretty uneven now. Top part je striking red...the bottom part slightly darker...The stylist advised me to bleach but I firmly said no cos I know my hair will surely be damaged one.

Enough of Tanjung Pinang stuff.
I thought I'd share some cute candid shots of the "Togas R Us" photoshoot at the playground Nyla took with Trisha.
Credits to my very young and 'media enthusiast' neighbour, Hamzah of AnnMzz Creative Production for the cute shots. Such a tech savvy boy he is. And a reliable and responsible one too.
If you must know, Hamzah is the elder brother of Ezz (the bottoms upper featured on Berita Harian)

Their mom must be so proud.
Enjoy the photos peeps. The girls truly had a great time they didn't want the session to end.

Nyla is in charge of Togas R Us.
So if you're keen to purchase,
do visit her blog or email her at
So far, she has replied to all the emails with my help of course.
Finalising her email password took us a long time okay.
Me: Ok, think of a secret code, Nyla.
Nyla: Justin Bieber?
Me: No. Everyone knows you like Justin Bieber. They will hack.
Nyla: Hack means what? Beat me up ah?
Me: No, it means to gain illegal access to your emails.
Mr E: How about "I Love Daddy" (??????!!!!!)
Nyla: No la. I love so many people. (hahahaha! Padan muka!)
So after all the ding dongs, we finally agreed on her password.
She just told my younger brother. :S