Friday, December 31, 2010

The Excluzif Toga Onesie

Like blue jeans, the jumpsuit has humble beginnings as work wear, but has been elevated to the realm of high fashion. Designers were onto the trend...... when Benjamin Cho, Tomas Maier at Bottega Veneta and Preen were among those who showed jumpsuits on the runways. -Erin Weinger Times Staff Writer

Without further ado, I present you, my fellow toga enthusiasts, my new baby of The Excluzif Togas.

"Midnight" Navy Blue Toga Onesie

"Nutella" Chocolate Toga Onesie

"Rose Maroon" Red Toga Onesie

"Soldier" Green Toga Onesie

"Mud" Beige-Brown Toga Onesie

"Smoke" Greyish brown/black Toga Onesie

My Hijab wearers, I've roped in my galpal, Sabarina so the pictures below are for you babes.

The Excluzif Toga Onesies

Size : Free (fits S to L)

Material: Lycra

Cost : $85


Sabby for modelling

Lynn Jefry for make up

Lawrence for photography

Nyla for colour coding the Excluzif Toga onesies

That being said, also my sincerest thanks to the person who ignited the idea of the toga onesie/jumpsuit.
Siti is her name. She is now living in Melbourne with her sweet husband.
Our mothers are close buddies.
We met during the recent Hari Raya and clicked right away.

On November 8, this pretty lass left me a message on Facebook.

hi sweetie..hw r u, nyla & family? hope all of u r sihat :) neway juz bout 2 snooze & tot of yr toga issue. I kinda wanted 2 share some ideas..i'm sure u mite haf tot of it. I shld be sleeping but picking my brains instead :p ok..ok sidetrack abit..sorry. btw can u make yr toga into pants suit (LIGHT BULB MOMENT FOR ME)... i think kinda retro..well juz an idea. ok lah rgds 2 all & kisses 2 lil nyla!

Siti, might I add. It is not juz an idea. It is a brilliant one and I am grateful to you.
Will ship a piece of Excluzif's Toga Onesie to you soon enough. :)

So ladies, if you're interested in the Excluzif Toga Onesies, you know what to do, just email me at

If you want to wear the onesie tonight for the New Year Countdown, I can make special arrangements for my delivery guy (Mr E. Muahahaahah!) to deliver it to you.
Usher in 2011 with Excluzif Toga onesies yo!
Very comfy plus stylo mylo and you can run/jump around so its really suitable for COUNTDOWN purposes one. Heeee!


Happy New Year my beloved readers.

2010 has been an awesome, awesome year and I believe with continued hard work, dedication and passion, 2011 will be as wonderful for all of us, Insyallah!