Tuesday, December 28, 2010

You know you're a mom/dad when....

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My blog-readermommas, enjoy the read. :)

You know you're a mom when....

you get MORE excited than your kid when a new animated movie opens (Think Rapunzel..Yogi Bear) -ME

your child coughs/sneezes, you inhale as much germs as you can so that you catch the bug too - also ME

you keep training your child to sleep in her own room, only to carry her back into your own bedroom when she is fast asleep - SIAO DING DONG ME

your regular sleep becomes irregular - glamchicz

you twitpic your child's pic in Twitter- Ana Hayer

the alarm blared loudly in the morning fails to wake you but the baby turns and you're wide awake / you have the intention to hit town to buy the latest arm candy but come back with ZARA kids -Mahd

you memorise nursery rhymes - enchanted_lady

you download Barney songs to your handphone and set them as ringtone for 'home' -MommaAzila

your child runs to you to seek comfort when he's afraid/happy/excited etc. /you can't eat in peace at restaurants - zeeeanaaa

you are a 24 hr vending machine to your newborn- solelyus

you are the one choosing which type of Playdoh to buy and be the 1ST one to play with the dough to make ice cream -sarani08

you put your kids' needs before yours -saudarilee

you are out shopping, you find yourself spending more time at the kids' section instead of the adults' section - Waney

you are the 1st to wake up, have no time to sleep, eat or drink but still gain 10kg - Diah

you spend your last five bucks on a happy meal -Kin

you empathize more than everyone else when you hear other children cry in pain or hunger/ you're proud of your child's first knee graze - custarddreams

you become the human nasal aspirator- Aniqs_mummy

the very thought of your child hurt/getting hurt brings a tear and such sadness - Farah Shiraaz

there's an appointment tomorrow and the 1st thing you think about is what time to get up to get the kid ready before you do - sraelynn

your baby cries and he needs YOU -Faeza_Aide

you feel like smacking them when they drive you mad, then feel mushy and soft as you watch them sleep/
your PC/HP/FB/DP Wallpapers are mostly of your kids and rarely of your hubby - ayu46

you are having lunch at work and silently wish your child is there to share the same plate - nurullq

you have to keep a straight face when your son says 'It's not working' when you force him to pee -Vivi

Mr E has enjoyed himself so much reading the above 'quotes' he also wants to join the party!

You know you're a dad when you discover pink Disney princesses panties stacked together with your underwear - Mr E

Oh and 1 more.

You know you're a dad when you lick your child's palm whenever he touches dirty surfaces - My brother, Bah (He didn't say this. I observed this and wrote on his behalf. Heeee. Seriously Bah! Your saliva is NOT dettol hand sanitizer caaaannn?!)

Nite peeps! Mwaccksy!