Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ear Candling and Ginger Healing Massage at Harnies Beauty

I have never tried ear candling before and as usual, I loudhailed on Twitter asking my Twitterbellas if they have ever tried ear candling before and asked them to share their experiences .
ALL the feedback garnered were POSITIVE.

Let me share some:

@mistydaizy- I tried! Super shiok. My fiance pun try, tertido sampai berdengkur.

@dianahairul- Marthin boys tried ear candling and they loved it!

@BimboMamboz- ear candling-shiiOOOOooookkkkK!
@Faeza_Aide- Yeah babe! Syiok sampai tertido! One word to desribe, Syiokness! U will love it and want to do it every month! Hehehehe!

@mymacchiato- I tried before! I love it! so shiok leh...boleh tertido! and I find it very good..rasa telinga so bersih

Notice a 'sleeping' trend? Must be a superbly soothing and relaxing experience hor!

Then, there were also some who requested me to blog about my experience (Of course!)

@mrs_amin- I have always wanted to try that!! Review pls!! =)

@liyanafallon- I so wanna try ear candling! Kak Nura, after you try already, tell me ok! ;p

@vesparina- Kalau u try ear candling abeh gerek, jgn lupa blog. Kalau ada taik telinga amek pics. (This one ah...nak spot my disgusting side je! hehehe!)

Nah! As promised!
According to Therapist Diana, my ears are clean. (Somehow this picture tells otherwise hor! :S)
Well at least most of the sponge still remained in its original condition. Hmmm the brown part is the chao ta wax..not my taik telinga hor.. Or was it my ear wax? Whooopsie! Aiya, whatever it is, my ears are thoroughly clean now! Hahaha!

I've tried and truly, it was SHIOOOkkadUUSSZzzzz!

Yes! Now I believe those sleeping beauties!
Such an enjoyable process my virgin ear candling experience at Harnies Beauty was!
The relaxing atmosphere at Harnie's aesthetic hut:
the soft instrumental music...
the gentle head massage....
the aromatheraphy...
the warmth of the candle on/in your ear……...

DOPE or what?!

And they say, ear candling is an excellent way to maintain hygiene of ears.
Yeah! It is very important to keep our ears clean, free from wax accumulation (pendek kata, taik telinga la tu!)
I've learnt that by just using ear buds is not sufficient for they only wipe the surfacing wax.

So peeps, do give ear candling ($28 only!) at Harnies Beauty a try!
You'll love it and come back for more one...

I spent a good 3 hours at Harnies Beauty yesterday.

I also did the necessary removal of unwanted hair..heee! Waxing for my underarms and legs.

Therapist Iza is a meticulous person, making sure I am as togel as possible, battling patiently with my stubborn ingrown hair.

Harnie then noticed that I looked tired and asked if I wanted to try their promotion- Ginger Healing massage.

Of course my answer was YES!

So to summarise,
awesome ear candling experience

and I sure felt rejuvenated after the ginger healing massage.
Bye Bye stiff shoulders (obviously, because of blogging too much la ni!)
So ladies, do enjoy this 'worth it!' promotion.
Call (65)-6392-0623 for reservations/bookings!
New Year coming leh! So must LOOK and FEEL good bebehs!