Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What women love

Posted this status update over at Facebook..

"Really really heartwarming to see the daddies coming on board to accompany their wifeys and kiddies this Sunday morning. Trust us ladies, little things like these make us feel v blessed to be married to men like you all. Mr E, this goes to you too. Yesterday, you blew me away when you queued (so long!!) to buy Nyla's books and uniform. Forget all the Guccis, LVs (bukan boleh mampu pon! Lol) but when men forsake their rest time for the sake of our children's future, that's DA man! That's HAWT. Those of you who have signed up, really looking forward to seeing you couples (and children!) Those who wanna join us, PM me fast k! Limited slots available. Seeeeee you real soon!"

I am right now at Coffee Bean with my speakers settling the Primary 1 seminar stuff. They are right now actively discussing on the topics they want to share with the seminar attendees. The activities they want the parents to participate! So exciting.
As of now, we have 4 slots left.
I have parents who mentioned that their children are still in Kindergarten and they would like to join. My answer: Of course. Furthermore you will be at a distinct advantage. :)

Any questions, just email me k. nuraesman@gmail.com

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