Thursday, November 17, 2011

Storytelling at La Petite Montessori

La Petite Montessori 's theme for their Term 4 curriculum is 'Famous Authors' and their Principal Directress, Ms Ezwani Rahim has invited my little author to their boutique school yesterday for a storytelling session.
Of course Nyla and I accepted the invitation.

Furthermore, Nyla's done with school since the 1st of November so what better way to spend her free time!

That's us on the wall of fame! Nyla (and maknye) kembangz sekaliz.

These kids are very young but super focused, its amazing!

Cuties presenting Nyla with a token of appreciation. Schweeeet.

Follow up activity....

Nyla signing the books.

Her signature used to be really simple accompanied with a heart but I think she got influenced when she saw mine and Mr E's signature.

Me and the Principal Directress, Ezwani Rahim.
Thanks again for thinking of us while you were doing the 'lessons planning'.
Most importantly, thank you for supporting my little author!

Since the school is really near to Orchard Road, apa lagi?!

Honestly, as much as I'd like to call myself an entrepreneur, the real entrepreneur here is Nyla.
This girl is responsible for who I am today.
If it weren't for her creative ideas, I wouldn't be where I am today.
Effectively, Nyla has started working at age 5 with the launch of her story book.

Her 'salary' comes from the tremendous support thanks to you people who bought her books.
Mr E and I are merely encouraging her talent and we are grateful for the entreprenuerial opportunities given to her through these story telling sessions.

Since it was a working day for Nyla yesterday, it's only fair that she gets rewarded.

Macam kita...Dapat gaji aje pergi shopping.

By the way, thanks for the lunch treat Nyla!

Nyla already knew what she wanted.
I gave her a budget of $30 and phew, luckily she wanted something that was below the budget.

Cannot get real pet, fake one also can la.

I personally feel that it is vital to encourage entrepreneurial spirit in children.
I would like Nyla to understand that work is actually just a hobby that we get paid for.
And my kid here loves to do storytelling sessions with me.

So preschool/lower primary school teachers and principals, if you would like to slot in a story telling session for your lil kiddies and invite Nyla to your schools, feel free to email me at ya!

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