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'Kata Melayu' by Guest Blogger Kyn

As mentioned in the previous post, let's all say Hello to a very dear friend of mine. We share the same name. Same spelling somemore. We probably would have crossed paths at campus while we were studying at NIE years ago. A mother of 4 (Yes, FOUR!), I admire her gentle yet firm ways. She's also a very fun mommy, as you can see from this picture of her adorable children. :)

Over to you, Kyn!

I'm sure, some of you have read this blog entry
by Nura J and seen the poster below in our wall posts a week ago. And I'm sure, many of you went.....

"Huh? Siapa sak Sueetchic? Who is she to give a talk?"

"Dianahairul?! Just a normal mom?!"

"Sekadar ex-teacher je? Aku pun boleh kasi talk."

"Dah ada P1 Orientation pe. All important information will be given on that day what."

Kan kan kan.......?

Hehehe. Well, I wouldn't blame you. I was once like that.

In fact, I was skeptical when Nura had confirmed that she's roping me in. Happy giler but panic kejap pun ada. Until my wise parents, my group of sisters, my motivator, Mdm Nura J herself, my Little Big Minds partners, Sha and Niza and my dearest husband, of course, advised me otherwise.

Hubby said,"Yang famous sekarang pun tak pernah famous dulu. And yang famous sekarang pun tak akan famous forever what....."

Soooooooo true although it doesn't quite fit in the context of what I'm blogging about today. Hehe. Hubby, you know I still love you and take your nice words seriously. :p

But..I'm sure all of you get the drift. We don't have to be somebody famous to share what we know. We don't have to be somebody famous to start a change.

Start a Change...

That is what we're trying to do.

Change the mindset of us, Malays.

Beli LV, Gucci, Chanel pakai Credit Card, bill melambung, takpe. $60 for the sharing session (for a family of 3 somemore!), mahal.

"Kata Melayu...."

Beli rokok hard pack tiap-tiap hari $10, ok

. $60 for the sharing session, takde duit.

"Kata Melayu...."

Pergi karaoke pat Cash Studio, 3 jam melalak sampak sakit tekak, takpe. 3h of sharing session, no time.

"Kata Melayu....."

Orang Melayu kita hantar anak pergi violin,piano,ballet class, kena panggil "Kerek."

"Kata Melayu..."

Ticket concert Wings, Jamal Abdillah, Rossa boleh kumpul duit sampai ikat perut. $60 for the sharing session, merepek.

Together now...... "Kata Melayu......."

Orang buat birthday party anak besar-besaran, dia buat birthday party anak besar-besaran. Part sharing session gini, tak nak ikut-ikut pulak....

Lagi sekali!! (Step concert lah kan.) "Kata Melayu...."

So, kira, kita ni orang Melayu are gonna remain sore for others' achievements?

We want our children to excel but not do anything about it?

If you think sending your children for tuition by the time they are in P5 and not getting results good enough that make you worried for their PSLE, you might be a little too late. And sadly, Melayu kita yang ramai macam gitu.

If you already not know, I have four children. All of very close age gaps. (Ah ah kau...setahun satu..."Kata Melayu...")

If I were to worry for each of their academic skills when they're approaching P5/P6, can you imagine, I would have at least 4 consecutive years of living in stress and trauma! (Drama betul)

I wanna start now. Now that the firstborn is going to P1. Now that the second one has recognised words. Now that the third has developed an interest in books and writing. Now that the fourth is behaving like a monkey, following every single thing that her elder three siblings are doing.

I must start NOW.

And how do I start? First, I must have parents out there, especially the Malay parents who are kononnya modern but still don't know how to teach their children at home. Modern doesn't just mean keeping up with the fashion trend, buying the latest car, latest TV, latest bag or even the latest toy or books for your children.

An active modern parent has to be actively learning on how to teach their children at home. And that is what I wanna be.

Heard of this many times.

"Susahlah ajar anak sendiri."


Simply because we don't have enough knowledge on how we can guide our children at home. And for those who can't afford to send their kids for tuition, it's ok!!! Who says all tutors are good anyway? If it's just giving worksheets after worksheets, you can print them out yourselves and go through the answers with your children!

And that has been the most difficult for our society.

That is why, from the coming Sharing Session on the 27th November, we're not going to tell you whatever that can be found in your child's school website or even MOE's website.

We're not going to share with you the principles of education.

We're not going to share with you on the curriculum because all of that will be shared with during your child's Primary 1 orientation....

We're going to share with one another how to help our children be active in learning when they're with us.

We're going to share tips on how to benefit our children's school holidays without them realising that they're actually learning.

We're going to learn from one another what works best for certain types of children and also us, the parents.

Yes, we are. WE are so gonna take away a whole life of lessons, values and tips on teaching our children the way we're comfortable with.

And.....if the parents who attend the seminar agree, we might just help to start up a parent support group where we can share resources, more tips, more advice or even articles that can help us in one way or another.

Not a PSG in just a school.

But a PSG in Singapore.

And proud Malays of Singapore we will be! : D

(saaaaap....boleh jadi MP tak? hehehe)


Nurashikin Rahmat @sueetchic

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