Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Magikal Sunday

For most of us, Sunday is family day.
Hence I didn't want my seminar attendees to worry about babysitting issues like
'Who can look after my child at home when I g
o to this seminar?'
Other than empowering these parents to be well- equipped as they prepare their young ones for primary school, I would also like this event to be one which encouraged family bonding.

Hence the idea of their children having an enriching plus super duper fun time while their parents listened to the speakers....
Gotta thank my sista Tina for recommending me:

"MagikPlanner Services is a funky oriented company who believes each party deserves a rocking good one! We specialize in Birthday Parties, Corporate Events such as Family Day, Open Houses & Children's Day. With professional talents coming from all walks of life, we are sure to be one of the few who are able to offer a variety of service. Whether it's just for a party for 10 or a corporate event for 1000, we look forward to creating one with a 'magik' touch."
-Feka (Events Manager)

Feka, if you're reading this, I happened to read this article. So young and successful.
Really inspiring indeed. :)

Some of the services MagikPlanner Services provide are:


Balloon Sculpting

Face/Hand Painting


I am extremely proud to see such a 'rich' portfolio.
Very impressive indeed.

MagikPlanner Services, thank you for your valuable time last Sunday and trying your best to keep as many children as possible entertained. Also the parting gift! How sweet. Nyla has already put some coins in it. Heeee!
Really appreciate it so very much.

Hokay doks folks!
Birthday parties for your kids?
Corporate events like Family Day etc?
Or you have a family/friends gathering at chalet and you want your children to have a magikal time for more than an hour while you enjoy your food/chit chat....

You so know who to look for dears!

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  1. Hi can i noe whr u get d baby blue dress?