Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My 'Rachael Ray'

Other than last Sunday being an enriching day, it was also a sweet one for all of us present on that day.
Come I show you what was served on that day.

The lady in black beside me is my Rachael Ray who whipped up the sweet treats above!

Who is she?
None other than Liza better known in the cyber world as 'Cady McBronzie.'

I am a fan of her food blog.
Everytime I read her blog, I'd instantly turn into a domestic goddess.
Mr E is also very much aware of this.
Sometimes when I cook the same paticular dish often, he'd say, 'Cady never update blog with new recipes is it?'
So Liza, if you are reading this, keep doing whatcha doing gf with the sharing of recipes!

Liza was one of my first few customers when I launched The Excluzif Togas (Maxi) last year.
She needed a dress for her birthday party and ordered a black maxi toga. (This woman very happening one!)

Liza has since become a dear friend to me who is a keen supporter of my clothing line I run with my mom. Thank you my dear.

Now back to her blog, everytime I read it, I'd tell myself, 'This woman should do some food business man.'
So you imagine my delight when Liza launched her baby. Duh! It's about time lor!

I wasted no time in supporting the newest food entrepreneur and ordered her signature Nutella Bread and Butter Pudding.

This + Nescafe = Oooh lala lah.

Last Sunday, Liza 'unfolded' her latest project, Bottoms Up Dessert Isle.

What I witnessed last Sunday really warmed my heart.
See the bespectacled man in blue?
That's Liza's dad. So touching to see a parent consistently offering loving encouragement and support in whatever their child is doing, no matter how old their child is.

And Liza was also accompanied by her buddy, Yati who provided a helping hand and moral support! That's what friends are for.
Yati, we appreciate your presence!
If only you brought along your triplets and 'angry bird'. Heheheh!
Such a wonderful sista Yati is to Liza. :)

My guests enjoyed the kuihs....bread and butter pudding....mini cupcakes.
Thanks so much Liza!

I especially like your Red Velvet cuppies babe!

My readers, if you have any family gatherings....parties and would like to order delicious sweet treats, look no further k.

If you would like to browse Liza's (or Cady's) photo albums, do click 'like' here

And how can I not pass you her food blog?!
Make sure you wear a bib hor. Heeee!

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