Monday, November 28, 2011


Yesterday just reinforced what I have been doing and listening to the other speakers as well as the valuable feedback from the parents also gave me new ideas which inspire me to continue making a conscious effort to 'trick' Nyla into learning.
For example, Nyla doesn't have a clue that she is actually learning Ma
ths while helping me cook in the kitchen...

Really, it was the most fulfilling Sunday ever!
So weird how I feel like the more I learn, the more I realise how little I know.
It's just that each new thing I learn will lead me to another new thing and another, and another and so on. Really fascinating.. That neverending quest for knowlege to be a better parent...a better educator.

Now, many people had put in a lot of effort for yesterday to be a success.
I can come up with a long mega entry with many pictures and include all of these special people but before I went to bed last night, I realised I shouldn't do that.

Each and everyone of them is special.
So I intend to thank them one by one, entry by entry, starting from tomorrow. :)

Time for me to get ready for a movie cum lunch date with Nyla's kindy mates and their mommas.

We are probably going to shop for our children's school bags too.
The special one that supports our babies' backs, ecnourages good posture and reduces strain on spine. Ya la since Nyla has to climb up the stairs and all in her new school. Once I get hold of this wonderbag, Ill share with you k!

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