Monday, August 29, 2011

Looking Beautiful on Hari Raya (Part 2)

Hi again girlies.
If you have been waiting for this video since yesterday, a thousand apologies. :(
Been busy prettifying the house.
That plus the video was actually more than 15 minutes long and according to You Tube, it was too lengthy thus rejected so Mr E had to do another round of editing process. Thanks hubs!

I am really glad that many of you babes found the video on coverage very useful.
Like you, I am also grateful to Tina for being so generous with her tips.
The primer before you apply foundation and concealer so that the make up stays longer. *Important for tomorrow oi!*
And then the dabbing of concealer with the fourth finger when you want to cover your dark eye rings. Man I've been swiping the fellow since forever! Not anymore, now.
So thank you very much ya Tina. :)

Now that all of us have mastered the art of coverage, we are moving on to Eye Make Up.
My most challenging section.
Too much dark colours on our eyes, we all look like we've been physically abused.
Too much light colours on our eyes, we all look like we are all set for some Chinese Opera stage performance.
Really really tricky.

Once again, let Tina show us the correct way!
This video is a lil longer because there are a few areas Tina touched on.
The eyeshadow bit...The eyeliner...The mascara...The eyebrow... :)

PS: The 3rd instalment will be on cheeks and lips. I will upload this hopefully by tonight!

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  1. kak nura!! god ure so gorgeous even without make up. i love love the make ups tutorial!finally i get it gotta apply the foundation before concealer first hehe! anyway keep on makin these kind of vids. can see that you ikhlas do the vids from the heart. =))

    salam lebaran kak nura!