Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nyla and Fasting

Day 2 of Ramadhan and hopefully today, Nyla can tahan.
Yesterday, somebody so on wanna puasa.

I was heating up the dishes when I felt 'presence' behind me. Anjat gegerl. I absolutely hate it when Nyla creeps up to me like that. Doesn't help that her hair is like a mane. But kudos to her for waking up on her own!

Cooked her favourite 'brown eggy rice' (nasi telor kicap!) and she finished the whole bowl followed by a glass of water. Mr E and I were really proud parents at 5 plus a.m. yesterday.

So, of course the babe returned to sleep only to ask for warm milk when she woke up.

9- ish a.m.

Me: You are fasting babe.
Nyla: Oh ya. I forgot. Mommy, I really hope during snack time at school, they serve green peas.
Me: Why?
Nyla: I hate green peas. So since I am fasting right, I will not have to eat them. I will make 'goodie goodie good' thumb sign to my friends because they have to eat them. Hahahahah!
Me: That's not nice Nyla.

11.30 am (Her favourite TV show on OKTO)

Nyla: Mommy, I am imagining myself drinking warm milk while watching Berenstain Bears. Please ah Mommy. I cannot tahan.
Me: Call Daddy.

Immediately, she called Mr E who was in class teaching. ...

Nyla: MOMMMY! Daddy say CAN! At 12 pm you make for me ah. He said he give me chance. Today fast half day.ItalicMe: Okay, after milk, you cannot eat ok Nyla. Must TAHAN.
Nyla: No problem...... Can I have a sweet?
Me: NO!
Nyla: Just joking la.

6 ish in the evening.

My father in law fetched her from school first before fetching Mr E and I at Bugis.
We were expecting our girl to be weak and hungry and thirsty but she was looking so energetic in the taxi waving to us when she spotted us.

Nyla: HURRY UP! SO LATE AH THE BOTH OF YOU! Bapak and I have been waiting for so long you know.
Me: Wow, Nyla. You really don't sound like a person who has not eaten since noon.
Nyla: Ya (followed by silence.)
Me: You ate during snack time?
Nyla: Mommy, don't worry okay. You sure proud of me one. I only ate apple while my friends ate cheese macaroni. I controlled myself from eating the cheese macaroni. Looked really yummy you know. My cheeks felt hot. But I tahan! I just asked for apples.
Me: ????!!!!! Nyla, you're not supposed to eat anything.
Nyla: Fruits also cannot ah?
Me: Duh. So you only ate apples?
Nyla: And yakult just now while waiting for you and daddy in the taxi.
Me: OI!
Nyla: Bapak asked if I was thirsty. I said yes and he gave me Yakult so I took.

So, yesterday was an unsuccessful attempt.
I really hope today, somebody's cheeks will feel hot while she sits at the dinner table waiting to break fast.

Happy fasting you all. :)

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