Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lovely Lebaran 2011

How was your First Day of Lebaran everyone?
Well, judging by the photos you all uploaded on Facebook and Twitter, amboiiii bukan main bergaya lagi ye?!
So nice to see the coordinated colours...traditional wear...
I must say the colours Blue, Purple and Green have invaded many families this year, being the popular choices among us.

Nyla chose the colour this time round. Not hard to guess. You all know how 'into' Justin Bieber she is right?
His favourite colour is apparently Purple so yeah, we went Barney this year.

As with all years, first day of Raya is always rushing for Esman and I.
Both our families are the kinds who will go out to visit on the first day of Raya.

Me: After Tok Mi and Tok Mak's house, we go to my Wak Ahmad's and Wak Cha's house okay.
Him: You sure have time? Last year only 3 houses and already we kelam kabut go to my house.
Me: We chop chilli chop la...
Him: Then what time sey reach my parents' place?
Me: Hmmm... 2.15p.m.
Him: Ok la...

My bro, Bah and family reached my mom's a little late.
Being a very punctual kind of couple, that was unusual.
He and Netty had difficulty putting on the baju kurung on Rooqy who threw a tantrum at home.

By 1.30 p.m., we were only at Tok Mak's house.
Which meant no time to go to my 2 Wak's houses as planned. So sad. :(

I knew that if I were to ask Mr E if we could reach his mom's place a lil later, sure World War 3 one.
Besides, his family was already waiting.

Me: Never mind la. We go to your place now.
Him: Then your Waks how?
Me: Some other time la. We already promised your family we would reach by 2.15p.m.
Him: Okay.....Once we are done with my side, we continue with your family again at night k...

Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of understanding. :)

Honestly, I felt a bit sad because it would have been nice to go raya visiting with my family.
I especially miss raya moments with my 2 brothers very much. :(
Those of you who are feel me?

Anyway, I'm just blessed that Mr E's family is a super duper fun bunch so they definitely made me forget my sorrows!
Okay, enough emo already.

It was a splendid day yesterday.
Definitely exhausting but absolutely fun for all of us, young and old alike.

This Nyla ah. She thinks 'asking for forgiveness' part is like a performance. She'll clap softly after every 'session'.

With my Gassan. *Gaga/Hassan..Geddit?* Heee!

By 11 p.m. we were all damn knackered.

My heels gave me nasty blisters so I walked barefoot home. Hah!

Round 2: Saturday yo! Balik kampong time!

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