Monday, August 15, 2011

My Baby Boy

My brother and sister in law are shifting so they have been busy.
Rooqy has been coming over to my place quite often now. Yeay!
Extremely fun to have him around.
To have him sleep in between Mr E and myself.... (This part, Nyla si bei unhappy because she feels left out.)
Everytime we wake up in the middle of the night, we'd smother him with kisses.
His cheeks and the back of his neck smell so nice.
Rooqs multi tasks in his his fingers and at the same time 'gentel' his belly button.

Nyla is especially protective of Rooqy. Rooqs, when you grow up, your turn to protect Kakak Yaya ya? :)

I thought I should show you guys Rooq's personality. He is just like Nyla when she was 2. Cheerful and chatty.

Aunty Nura, Uncle Man and Kakak Yaya love you SHHHOOOOOOO MUCHHHHHIE!

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