Monday, April 9, 2012


Morning Morning!
A lil something to make you ladies smile.

It's been a while since I've updated about fashion stuff.
My mom has been busy revising for her exams the past few weeks so yeap, didn't want to disturb her.

Yesterday, she called me.
Mom: Kin, Mak dah jahit few pieces of ponchogos.
Me: Ponchoga la Mak.
Mom: Ala sama la tu. Janji kau paham.

She can never get that 'ponchoga' right and Nyla will giggle everytime her Tok Mommy says 'ponchogo'. Heh!

Remember the Bollywood Ponchogas?
My sincerest apologies to those of you ladies who didn't get to own a piece of this the previous round.
Ok hope this happy news will make you smile.
We now have few pieces of:

And a few days ago I uploaded this picture of myself wearing a tie dye ponchoga over at Instagram. (Instagram damn fun or what?!!!)
Was pleasantly surprised to see you ladies enquire about this navy blue tie dye beauty.

Yes, since a couple of you expressed interest, I'll bring in these tie dye ponchogas k! :)

Alrightey, all the ponchogas are FREE size. (Fits S to L)
Each handsewn piece is selling at $55.

Another thing since I will be heading to Singpost, might as well collate orders for Nyla's books too! (Suitable for kids aged 3-8)
We still have The Big Good Wolf and Chickchickaboomz! [$25 inclusive normal postage!]

Brand new week and among the greatest of blessings is simply to be contented and happy for in happiness, with a clear mind, only then you can be a productive person yo. :)
Have an awesome week ahead you alls.

See you at k!

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