Friday, April 13, 2012


Finally, I am a registered Real Estate Salesperson.
I am extremely excited.
Worked very hard for this and will continue to climb the ladder with unbridled enthusiasm and unfailing determination. In Shaa Allah!

May my journey into the Real Estate Industry be a rewarding one.
Most importantly, may I represent my future clients: sellers/buyers/landlords/tenants with integrity, vision and amazing realty ideas.

Together with my clients as well as ERA's reputable branding, we shall unleash our REALTY dreams and ideas and turn them into REALITY. :)

Ok my peeps.
If you /relatives/friends intend to buy/sell/rent, feel free to call me.
The number is 97248866...Save it as 'Nura J ERA' on your hp yo. :p
Hear from you real soon.
Meanwhile, have a good weekend.

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