Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Terrific Tuesday

Early start for Tina and myself today.
It has definitely been a terrific and fulfilling Tuesday for us both.
All I can say is that.... do get a copy of Manja magazine next month k! :p
You readers will have a 'SURPLISEEEE"! Damn chio one. (Not me. The surprise!)
Thank you Kak Aizam!

Tina and I managed to lunch with Lin as well.
Everytime if I have photoshoot, Lin always will visit the studio one to kepo kepo.. eh salah...to give moral support to me. Heh!
Such an awesome friend you are Lin. *rolls eyes*
But yeah, sayang her. When I was pregnant with Nyla, she used to mail me pregnancy magazines every month. Sweet stuff this friend!

Moving on, since face already got make up, might as well do photoshoot for the new batch of "Like a pearl in its shell" scarves. Thank you my Tina for being an all rounder!
Make up artiste...Stylist....Photographer! Hehehe!

Ok, Nyla will be having her Malay show and tell next week so it is therefore compulsory to name the shawls in Malay this time. :p
I present you my latest babies!

Ungu.... Ku mencintaimu.....

Biru kehijauan....Saaaapppp.


Kuning emas

Merah Jambu

We couldn't translate peach to malay...
Nyla: Ok try crab then.
Hence, k.e.t.a.m.

As for the previous batch:
Click here.
I have left:
2 off white...
2 fuchsia...
4 coffee latte..
2 red..
1 grey (picture above with Lin)
1 canary yellow

Wore canary yellow shawl last Saturday for our storytelling session at Jurong East Library last Saturday.
If previously, Nyla would only read the dialogues part, now that she is a fluent reader, she took the lead last Saturday and did the reading aloud of the whole book on her own. Great job Nyla!
Mommy can now just sit back, relack jack and flip those pages.

Okay my ladies,
Each 'like a pearl in its shell' shawl (rectangular; measures 190cm by 80cm, material is cotton-lycra) is selling for $30 honeys.
Usual thing.
You like what you see, quickly email me at nuraesman@gmail.com to 'chope' your shawl(s).

My ex colleagues will be coming later. So excited.
I love having guests over.

Time to cook.
See you at my mailbox k!

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