Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Nyla

Mr E and I are right now sitting together, selecting a few of our favourite photos of our girl...
Here they are... (with captions!)

Nyla, as you can see from this picture, you were about 1 month plus here. "Best" age ever.
Man, you were one tough baby to handle. Just to let you know....during daytime, you were so cute, but night time, uh uh. You were like a mini monster screaming your lungs out refusing to sleep...refusing milk... JUST WHAT WAS YOUR PROBLEM, GIRL?! -Mommy

I have to growl and growl until my voice became hoarse. That was the only way to shut you up.-Daddy

Nyla, this was your first ever 'new media' experience. The laptop by the way was a present from your daddy. Before you go Aaawwwwww, he got it at a cheap cheap price and man, to wait for Elmo to pop up took such a long time you could even nap in between. However, you waited ever so patiently for Elmo to load and then shriek in delight when you hear 'La la la la la la Elmo's World.' -Mommy

I have a damn good reason for getting that cheapo laptop.
1) You would drool on it.
2) You would bang on the keyboard.
3) Mommy would not take good care of it. - Daddy

You were learning to talk here Nyla...That was why I got you a NOKIA phone. ;p -Mommy

I remember always planting my nose in your mouth everytime you uttered a word. I was addicted to your breath.-Daddy.

Nyla, I remember this picture very well. I snapped this while we were on the way home from Jurong Point. We had breakfast together. My first MRT ride with you. I enjoyed it so much I brought you to Jurong Point again on that same day after you woke up from your nap. - Mommy.

You have no idea how much I missed you, Nyla. I was at Doha. Being away from you and Mommy for 3 months was very difficult for me.- Daddy

This picture was taken in Penang. Your first aeroplane ride and this was where and when your love affairs with hotels started. -Mommy

First time you took a plane ride. First time you touched a snake. First time you rode on a horse. And Daddy was glad to be part of those first time experiences. -Daddy

Kampong trip during the 2nd day of Hari Raya last year! You love to 'balik kampong' because you love to see the chicks...cows....goats and especially Yot's cat and kittens. However, you need to go easy on the kittie, baby. To love is to let go. -Mommy

I think, this year, the cats will run for their lives the minute they spot you, Nyla. - Daddy

Eveytime you have a class party, you'd call your Tok Mommy to sew a Toga dress for you. And when you return home, Mommy will receive orders from your classmates' mommies who would request for toga dresses for their 5/6 year old daughters.- Mommy

You are looking more and more like your Mommy..... -Daddy

Thank you for your creative ideas Nyla. It has been a pleasure writing stories with you. Keep them coming. - Mommy

Daddy is very proud of you although sometimes, your motor mouth can drive me crazy. I will continue to tolerate because the last thing I would do is to stifle your creativity. -Daddy

Nyla, you're an amazing big sis. I love to see you play with Rooqy because you ALWAYS give in. I know that if I were to have another baby, I can count on you one! -Mommy

Yahooooooo. Let's have one right away! -Daddy

Mommy was conducting tuition when I realised that you were unusually quiet. I thought you were probably doing some colouring or something and then I saw you pray. I quickly grabbed my phone and clicked away. Nyla, you have no idea how touched Mommy was. I don't know how many 'rakaat' you did or whether you took 'wudhu' but Mommy's heart was swelling with pride, baby. May you grow up to be an anak yang solehah. Insyallah.

Any father will feel proud to see this picture. I remember coming back feeling really tired after a long day in school...and then Mommy showed me this picture and I did not feel tired anymore. -Daddy

Mommy and Daddy are very lucky to have you. :)

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  1. Happy Belated Nyla!

    A well-written post by your Daddy and Mummy!

    I should start collecting great photos of Keira and do something like what your parents did!=)

    Be the happy and creative girl always!