Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cool and Chic Short Hair

I did something impulsive as you can see from the above picture.

I chopped off my locks. (Weather has been so hot, so the timing is very good! Heh!)

After I dropped Nyla off at school yesterday, I bumped into Joy (Nyla's classmate's mommy)and told her I wanna trim my bangs ala like 2 months ago.

End bangs were untouched.

When I stepped into Abang Sam's hair salon at Novena Square, he asked enthusiastically,"Cut short is it?"
From last time he aim me liao.

Everytime he sees me, he'll psycho me to cut my hair super short and every single time, I would refuse, hence looking like the same old me (only slightly enhanced) when I exited his salon.


So boring right me? I know.

Story (and me) will get more interesting from now onwards, I assure you.
Me: Ok lah Bang, I cut my hair short...Shoulder length can?

Him: No la..If that's the case, I don't want to cut. I'll just trim your ends and you can maintain your kakak- kakak -rambut- panjang hairstyle. (So laser hor the mouth! But he's really nice and funny with awesome haircutting skills.)

Me: Huhhhhhhh. Are you DAMN sure I can rock the short hair look, Abang Sam?

*He took his weapon and stood behind me.

Him: Yes Nura. For a change...Just whack that fella. How? Yes or No?

Me: Sigh Sigh Sigh...followed by a meek 'Yes.


Me: WAILS! Aaaaahhhh! Abang Sam, SO FAST you cut!

Him: You said yes what.

Me: But....

Him: Too late, you must trust me okay, Nura.

I was shaking man. Hahahahahah! The last time I had drastic haircut was in 1997 and my mom and dad refused to talk to me.

And finally after 14 years, I did it again!

Only that this time round, the babe refused to talk to me!

Her jaw dropped when she saw me and kept asking me repeatedly why I cut my hair.
"We'll buy a long hair wig tomorrow."

I don't know whether to laugh or cry when she said that.

However, I have no regrets chopping my locks off. Don't mind ah, camera whoring at its peak especially after a makeover.

You all also what. :p

My hair was too too dry.

Looks like a horsey's tail here.

Ladies, if you are contemplating a hair makeover, I highly recommend you to Abang Sam because he is....simply the best..lalalala. I'm serious.

Abang Sam, if you are reading this, you have definitely given me the best haircuts.

This man's got some magic fingers he can transform you to look effortlessly good.

So, really... am not surprised that Abang Sam is a hairstylist to many local/ foreign celebrities and even royal families !

Anyway, THANK YOU also for the thumbs up over at Facebook and Twitter! :)

For those who asked, here goes:

Abang Sam Unoss

Flair Salon, Novena Square 2


Do call him to book an appointment at 6 737 8095.


Also do mention Nura J's Blog to him because my readers get to enjoy 10-20% off!

Wootsy! Thanks again Tuan Director Sam. I feel uber-vogueish. :)

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