Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I know this is way overdue and I thank you all for being so patient.

I also hope that the Mother's Day weekend had been awesome for you (and your) mommies.
I've come across a twitterette tweet this 2 days ago,"Every day should be Mother's Day. Not only today!" and I couldn't agree more with her.

So to you 3 winners I am about to announce, should your mothers go 'Huh! Mother's Day is over already whaaaaaat!', do kiss her and tell her that "Every day is Mother's Day, Mama...cos you're special like that."

Saaaaapppppppp. Sure score points one. :)

Okay without further ado, Harnie has chosen the deserving winners. According to her, it wasn't easy because ALL the entries are very touching mouching.
Anyway, here are the 3 winning entries.

3rd Prize Winner ($20 Harnies Beauty Voucher)

The woman who deserves to be pampered is my Mom of course! She disciplines us to the point that we attain the success we want in life. Loving is just not about showing your softer side but also the hard and tough ones to strengthen us for the coming tests in life. - FARA A

2nd Prize Winner (Decleor Exfoliating Gel worth $67)

The woman who deserves to be pampered is none other than my dearest mother, Puan Waznah. She, whom I called as the 'Superwoman' in the family. The only sole breadwinner in the family eversince her other half has been sick for almost to seven years. The one who is willing to do anything for her own family and has a lot of patience and strong courage to go through the hard times. Nothing can replace her for she, is a woman whom I treasure and loves alot. May Allah bless her always. - SITI NAQIAH BTE M. KHALID

AND THE 1ST PRIZE (Whitening/Radiance Facial worth $120 OR De-stress Rejuvenating Massage worth $85) goes to AIDIL EDZWAN!

The woman who deserves to be pampered is my mak.She taught me as much as she can even though she had primary education.She is my ustazah reciting the Al-Quran with me every night.She is my chef whose delicacies I savour at every meal.Her smooth palms soothes my fever whenever she touches my forehead.Her love for us is immeasurable & her to us dedication is beyond questions.Her anger is our pain & her happiness is our gain. A mother's prayer is a priority to the Almighty. We love you Mak.

And to the rest of you, don't despair k!
The Mother's Day promotion is still on! Till 31 May. :)

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