Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nyla's homemade Birthday Cake

My sister in law, Netty has 2 sisters.
Like her, they are exceptionally gifted.

Dr Citra Mattar (centre) is a gynaecologist. I remembered smsing/calling her during my paranoid moments when I was pregnant with Nyla. She is a mother to a pair of adorable twin girls who are so so gabby gifted.

Sukesy Mattar, on the other hand, is an educator and also a homeschooling parent to four boys.

Nyla goes for weekly swimming lessons with Kesy's 3 older boys and she enjoys her Tuesdays with them very much.
Everytime she has to part with the boys, she'd whisper to me," Mommy, today you homeschool me la so I don't need to go to school."

I've always enjoyed my conversations with Kesy because she is truly the most nurturing, intelligent and positive person I've ever known!

Now, you all know that Nyla's chirpy birthday party is this coming Saturday.
I've been so busy with tuition/ The Daily Ten/Togas/Books stuff and all I forgot about the most important feature of a kid's birthday party:


I approached, in my personal opinion, the best cake expert I know of, Ayu, and yeah as expected she's fully booked.
DAMN. :(

"Mommy, so I will not have a birthday cake is it?" Nyla asked.
I scratched my head and told her to give me a few days.

Nyla's fine with any cake. (Thank God no mention of Justin Bieber!)
However, I really wanted her cake to be special.

And since this is a last minute thingy, I thought why not bake the cake myself? (With assistance of course! Duh!)

Ya I know. Sounds so wrong right?! Me baking.
Laugh all you want. I will not get offended one.
The thought of me being responsible for Nyla's birthday cake made me perspire buckets.
As of now, my heart is beating so fast lor. So stressful man!

Now, I know I cannot bake the fanciful cakes Ayu baked.

But I know if I were to bake cupcakes, got hope. Cos easier mah...
So I had an idea and visualised how I would envision Nyla's birthday cake to be.

A few weeks back, Kesy brought along some yummylicious cupcakes to the swimming complex.
Someone who knows how to bake cupcakes!
I shall make her my mentor.

I approached her and expressed my desire to bake Nyla's cake for her birthday party. On top of that, I described to her in detail how I would like Nyla's birthday cake to turn out!

Kesy is an adventurous kind of person. She's damn sporting one. She's so used to doing fun stuff with her boys indoors and outdoors so she was like,"Nura, come to my house and bake! Let's try!"


Me: Nyla! Mommy is going to bake your birthday cake okay!
Nyla: Don't bluff Mommy. You never bake. We don't have an oven at home.
Me: Yah I know. We are going over to Aunty Kesy's house. She is going to teach me.
Nyla: YEAH I CAN PLAY WITH THE BOYS. *mentel mode overdrive*

Anyway, I went over to Kesy's house early in the morning for a trial baking session last Monday.
Whatever she instructed me to do, I did.
Pretty easy!

The icing was so so so yummy by the way.
The sweetness really complements the vanilla cupcakes we baked.
Nyla TOTALLY loved it. Woots.
And Kesy and I were like "Yeah! We did it!"
So there you go, nothing is impossible!
Thank you Shifu Kesy for the guidance. :)

Wanna see how the cake looks like?






Please proceed to Nyla's blog!


  1. Awwwww... sorry babe.. sob sob i feeel so bad..but the cupcakes is awesomely cute!!! yay nura! nothing beat's mummmmmmy's own creations for ur nyla!

    Happy Birthday Nyla! Aunty Ayu wish u the very best for your future! May you always be blessed with lots of love!! *sings baby~ baby~ baby~ ooOoh..*

  2. Ayu, please don't apologise! Must thank you for this. If not, this won't be possible awak! :)I had fun and am feeling this immense sense of satisfaction too! However, now I know I must book you waaaaayyyy in advance. Heee!

    From Nyla: Thank you Aunty Ayu for the wish and Justin Bieber song.