Friday, May 27, 2011


Hi parents and educators!
The Daily 10 June Issue is ready.

Great news people!

Due to many requests, there will be 2 versions of The Daily 10 from this month onwards.

1) Primary 6 FOUNDATION Maths
2) Primary 6 STANDARD Maths

For my new readers who do not seem to have any idea on what The Daily 10 is about, do read this: or simply click on 'The Daily 10' image on the right hand side of my blog!

Keen to order a set of The Daily 10 June Issue ($9.90 per set) for your children, nieces, nephews, siblings, cousins and tutees, do email me at and indicate 'Standard' or 'Foundation' :)

PS: There is also a slight modification with regards to this month's issue. I have received feedback from those who ordered that it can get very overwhelming for their children to do The Daily 10 every single day. On top of that, the children also have school work to do.
We hear you.
So this time round, we are going to give the children a rest every weekend.

So kids, Mondays to Fridays, you practice hard. Saturdays and Sundays, you play hard. Maintain belen (Balanced) la eh! :)

Primary 6-ers, let's keep the U grade at bay and improve your Mathematics!

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