Friday, October 29, 2010


Two nights ago, Nyla scared the SH&% out of me and everyone else.

She being, Miss Bongkar (Ransacker) was playing with my perfume which is usually in my bag.
All of a sudden, I heard a spraying sound followed by a looouuuuddddddddd wail.
Yeap you guessed it.
The babe sprayed perfume in her eyes.
She couldn't open her eyes.
She couldn't stop crying.
I suck at keeping calm la ah.
I brought her to the sink and splashed her face (and clothes) with water.

After 10 minutes, her eyes were still tight shut.
She tried but just couldn't open her eyes. *See la you! Wink some more at boys!*
However her tears would do those eyes good so I made her cry more.
No choice la.. Have to!

I knew I had to seek medical advice when her eye area got red and swollen.

I don't know why but in times of emergency, the 2 people I ALWAYS look for are my parents.
And like superheroes, they rushed us to the nearby clinic.
Papa J also anyhow parked (panicked mah!) and got fined 50 bucks. :S

Yes, mommy couldn't help clicking away because it took a pretty long time to empty the small bottle of saline solution. And I wanna show this pic to Nyla to remind her of this traumatic time and not play with my perfumes ever again.

Situation was serious so we didn't need to wait.
The doctor immediately attended to Nyla, forcing her eyes down with saline to wash away all the perfume contents ie alcohol that entered her eyes.

Now, this part like comedy....

Nyla suddenly went from crying to giggling when the clinic assistant dripped the saline drops. -_-
"Heee Heeee Heeee, So cold! So ticklish! So fun! I like it!"
Even the clinic assistant shook her head and laughed.
Well I was certainly relieved that the girl's motor mouth was up and running!
Definitely a sign that she is no longer in great pain.

However she had to squint her eyes and her eyes were still really red. :(
We had to wait for about 15 minutes for the doctor to check on her eyes again, making sure there was no corneal scratch, so I questioned her.

This part LAGI like comedy!
Me: Why did you spray the perfume in your eyes, Nyla?
Nyla: I didn't, okay. I was aiming in the middle of my face so my whole face will smell nice.
Me: Have you ever seen anyone spray perfume on her/his face?
Nyla: No.... but I've seen people spray perfume in their mouths.
Me: That one not perfume la! That one special kind.
Nyla: Long pause followed by..........You la! Who asked you to put perfume in your bag?

AND MY MOM INTERFERED AND SAID: Yes! You're right Nyla! It's your mommy's fault! Perfumes should be out of children's reach.

WHATTTTT?! Now, it's my fault?!

Nyla obviously got big headed and gave me her anggekrenggek face.
Macam nak slap can?

Thank God Nyla is under my care. No offence. Grandparents are sweet but sometimes they tend to over pamper and are totally illogical.
Shared this on facebook and my sista, Haryani commented:
hahahah very typical grandparents. hahahaahah i kena scold once for eating! cos while i was eating, nephew grabbed my food and then kepedasan. ape sey!?

It's been more than 24 hours and so far, she hasn't been complaining of pain or itchiness which means no need to go for further evaluation at the eye centre.

Please don't scare us like that babe!

And yes, my bag now has one less item.