Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Excluzif Toga Updates :)

Voted for Hajar here already?

Sabby! Kapoh-ed this from your blog because you look superbly stunning in the "Dolphin" Grey toga dress at Kuryati's wedding!
Kuryati, I may not know you personally but congratulations anyway dear! :)

My fellow toga enthusiasts,
Due to overwhelming response for the togas (especially the newly launched Minis!), the closing date for orders will have to be pushed forward to:

Friday 22/10/10 at 6PM.

So please do 'chope' the colour you like over at and email me at whether you want a MINI or MAXI toga dress.

FYI, "Midnight" Navy Blue/ "Rose" Maroon/ "Pink Panther"/"Peachy Orange"/"Chilli Red" are not available BUT if you are willing to wait for 3 weeks, then got chance. :)

AFYI (Another for your info hehehe): I also have mommies who ordered kiddo's toga dresses so that they can matching matching with their mini BFFS.
I have Maxi and Mini togas.

I consulted Nyla to give a name for kids' togas and I assumed she'd come up with "Girlies" or "Princesses" but nope.
Instead, she suggested "Togas R us".... obviously inspired by her favourite 'boutique' in the whole wide world.
I tell you Mr E and I are damn phobic of that place. We always enter Toys R Us reminding each other to be firm and not give in to Nyla BUT in the end, we would be the ones who get excited and say this to the babe: 'Eh Nyla! Look at this! So cooooolllll!' Siao lor. In the end, one of our wallets suffer.
Ok enough ranting already.

Need to rest for early morning tuition tomorrow!
That being said, appreciate all the warm response and the overwhelming support ladies.
Biggie Huggies to all of you. Thank you so very much. :)

My sincerest thanks also to my brudders:

Amran's wife was also present during the Toga Photoshoot helping her husband out. Sweet.

and Zahren from RebelPixel Photography

His whole family was present and his wife brought along her lasagne and nutella roll. Yumsy!

And my absolutely wonderful make up/styling sistas Tina and Lily from Trasformazione.

Ok nites!