Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Harnies Beauty

Just earlier this afternoon, I have sealed a sponsorship deal with Harnies Beauty! I am super elated cannn?!
I will surely do reviews for you ladies hokay!
It is also really easy to find the place.
Located specifically at 6, Jalan Pisang near Arab Street.

The moment I stepped into Harnie's aesthetic hut, I felt all relaxed already with the ambience, aromatherapy and the pretty decor.

Me with the beautiful spa owner herself ,who is having the satisfaction of owning a business that helps people experience more happiness and better health and well being.
So for that, I thank you Harnie! :)

The past few months have been taking a toll on my:

1) Face
The whiteheads are popping up like no one's business on my forehead. In addition to that, I don't know about you ladies but i will always have a pimple on the same spot. (on my chin)
Super annoying and everytime I get that, I get super duper conscious and will avoid conversations because I feel that the peeps are making eye contact with my pimply chin.
Now, I've never signed up for facials but now that I am Harnies Beauty blogger spokesperson, I'm raring to go because I just found out that the product the spa is using is a premium brand from Paris, Decleor.

2) Body
My weekdays are especially hectic because I have to do housework, send and fetch Nyla to and fro school, teach tuition....I also suffer from backaches when I sit down in front of the computer for too long so I am definitely looking forward to the full body massage sessions over at Harnie's aesthetic hut!
Nyla, I no longer need your services. :p

3)Kukus (nails)
Time to clean, shape and strengthen my dry, brittle nails.

4) Bulus (unwanted hair)
Hahahah! Ok la let's not get there la uh. No excuse liao me. MUST throw the shaver and WAX! Besides, waxing also exfoliates your skin. So good riddance razor bumps/dotdotdots on the legs! And I say hello to hair free legs for longer periods of time. Game for brazilian waxing anyone? :p

After finalising the details, Harnie, the kind spa towkay, asked," So, what do you want to do today, Nura?"
Hmmmmmmmmm.I grabbed the brochure.....

I wanted waxing but I just shaved and the bulus are not long enough. *which means I need to grow them I guess I'll be wearing jeans AND long sleeved tops for the next 1 week.*

I wanted massage but my fabulous girls wanted to give me a lunch treat! *Thanks my ladies!*
Massage sessions must not be rushed.

So I opted for manicure and pedicure!

Absolutely loved the hands/feet massage after the mani/pedi too!

By the way, Harnies Beauty is currently having a HARI RAYA HAJI 1 for 1 promotion at half price!
Do check it out because I definitely did and am bringing my mommy for facial AND massage.
She has no clue about it and thinks we are just having lunch together!
I booked an appointment for the 2 of us this Friday! Wooots!
Can bring along your mommies or BFFs.

The room where my mommy and I shall be this Friday!

Again, thank you Harnies Beauty!
Ladies, for further enquiries, you may also wish to call 6392-0623.