Sunday, October 31, 2010

My 28th

I'm 28 years and 1 week old today. Hahahah!
Well, my 28th was probably the busiest ever because so many memorable events took place last week.

My parents were the first ones to celebrate my birthday with me because they knew beforehand that my birthday week was going to be jam packed.
They treated us to a hotel stay at Marina Bay Sands.

Nyla has always wished to step foot into this hotel everytime we passed the building at ECP.
So it was a dream come true for her.
Well, one of my birthday (and everyday) wishes/doas is to see my girl happy so I was happy Xs 1000000000000000!

Nyla and Tok Mommy relaxing in the hotel room.

Anyway, this is not the first time my parents treated us to a staycation.
Just 2 months ago, we stayed at Sentosa's Festive Hotel.

Yes, it's nice but if you want to compare to Marina Bay Sands, cannot beat la ah!
Too bad tickets to Universal Studios were sold out.
My parents were disappointed they didn't get to bring their girls to Universal Studios.
Instead we watched Voyage De La Vie, Resorts World Sentosa's resident theatre show.
Intriguing indeed.

But, fret not because we managed to go to Universal Studios with Abang Amin and family during their visit here! (Lagi fuuunnnn!)

All thanks to my favourite aunty in the whole wide world who bought the tickets for us.
Thank you Wak Gayahhhh!

I love the fact that Nyla and Azam are such daring kids who would go for thrilling rides! Bravo kiddos!

At Waterworld. Yes, how ironic lor me. Chose to sit in the wet zone , then shield myself from getting wet with my $2 rainbow umbrella. So bright somemore. Of course easy target!
Anyway, no use because I didn't check my blindspot. Got sprayed from behind. -__-
Sorry cuzzies for being responsible in getting us drenched!

With Kak Yaty!

Erm, whats with the holding hands kids?
Haha! Azam, Ilham and Ehsaan, we misssssss you la!

Back to Marina Bay Sands!

Nyla loves water. Which kid doesn't?
So she definitely indulged in alot of water play in the bathtub and the infinity pool!
Nyla also went to school from the hotel and was even more pleased to come back to the hotel after school.
Feeling feeling Eloise.

The Sands SkyPark is truly an architectural masterpiece!
Thank you for the amazing experience Mom and Dad. Love the both of you loads.

My in laws did not want to miss out on my birthday celebration and there was a mini party after the kenduri doa selamat.

With my huggable father in law.

My pretty mom in law. :)

The beauties and the beast. Heee!

Shof and Kak Ana!

Right after that, Mr E and I zoomed to The Arts House Playden to catch my dear friend's solo one woman show- play, Constipated.
Im so proud of you, Haryani!
And then, there was Ray and Irfan's nikah ceremony at Al-Mukminin Mosque.
I wanted to wear the scarf ala datin tunjukkan jambol but beautiful Sabby Abdullah influenced me to wear the tudung properly, just like her. :)
Anyway, loved how simple the whole ceremony was. The briyani dam was fuhhyoooo!
Ray and Irfan, congratulations!

With papa J's sister, my Wak Zai and Ray's mommy, Aunty Azizah, who was my History teacher back then.

With my lups.

By the way, my sista Tina of Trasformazione, dolled up my Ray on her special day.
According to Tina, it was effortless on her side because Ray is a natural beauty.
But Tina, Ray sure looked berseri seri thanks to you.

So yeah, there you go.
Tiring birthday ever but definitely the most fulfilling because I got to celebrate with my favourite people. :)