Friday, April 23, 2010


If you must know one thing about me is that I am lousy in Art.
I just feel that I don't have that artistic talent within me.
Drawing, colouring and painting are just not my kind of thing.

It also doesn't help at all when your Art teacher erm... also thinks that you are just hopeless.
My secondary school Art teacher was this rather short man with the black framed glasses. (Probably want to create some arty farty persona? Cheyyyy!)
I remembered my very first Art assignment and I put my heart and soul to the drawing only to receive a fail.
All our assigment grades are out of 10.
How many marks did I get for that first Art assignment?
One and a half.
Can you believe it?
And people, that Art teacher of mine was so stingy with marks, my marks never went beyond 4 hokay.
The highest grade I received was three and a half out of ten.
Damn, what kind of grade is that boy, Mr T! Bet you didn't even have a marking scheme!
And the best part?
The pretty girls in class would get 7 and above, and as much as I am pretty much artistically handicapped, my piece was definitely better than them man! Right Diana?

Ever since Nyla, I have to be enthusiastic (or at least pretend to be) about Art because I do not want to influence her in not liking Art especially when my girl loves anything to do with plain paper, colour pencils, crayons, paints and all.

Thank God for one beautiful fact about Art: that it is subjective.
No matter how bad you might find your work, there will be people in this face of the earth who will appreciate and like it.In my case, there will always be that one person who will go 'WOW' when she sees my drawings.
Yes, none other than my girl, Nyla. Heee. She makes me feel like Van Gogh!
Thanks babe for thinking the world of my stick thin figures, my clouds, my trees, my bushes and my bicycle. (which will always end up looking like a pair of glasses!)

So when I received an invite to a very exclusive and intimate hands on session at WowArt, I was happy because, unlike NuraART, WowART offers a unique, fresh style of art education that seeks not just to teach but to INSPIRE.
Finally, Nyla could experience and appreciate the true beauty of art.
(Hugs to The Right Spin peeps! Love love love them!)

When we reached there, the mommies and kids were separated but we worked on the same tasks.
I was expecting Nyla and the kids to have 'separation anxiety' but nah, all the kids were cool.
The adults were having loads of fun together, laughing at one another's art pieces.

First task: Draw tree, house, flower, bicycle (OH MAN!), mountain, butterfly, grass and person.
Where's my drawing, I hear you ask?
Aiya, just look for a bespectacled mountain la.
Saw? Yes, the purple one alright! I can't draw a decent bicycle! I told you all already whatttt!

Nyla and Qays Zara working on their first task in another room.

Then I saw Nyla's and I went 'WOW' at her bicycle.
Well done, babe!

The second task was fun.
Us adults were very focused on this particular task.
Who doesn't like to play with clay right?
We were supposed to make a tree out of clay.

Adults trying to outdo one another. Kesy, you win la cos yours got some 3D effects!

Kids paying attention. So obedient!

Our trees.
If I show this to my Mr T, you think I can get a pass?

To the WowART gang, thank you for such an enriching time.

With Daniel, the Executive Director.

Here with Nancy, the founder and principal of WowART.

Inspiring Expressions. Nurturing global citizens.
Truly. For the first time in my life, I felt so excited in unleashing that artistic potential within me, I thought I never had.
Now I am all inspired and look forward to doing art activities with Nyla. (No need to pretend already!) Hee!

All together, say WOW!

Mommies and Daddies out there, if you are interested in future hands on session, please let me know and email me!
And to find out more about WowART, just go to