Monday, August 13, 2012


I am super duper stressed and I hope you all here can help me.

Once again, I have been engaged by the same marine company I've assisted before.

They are now looking for not 1, but TWO 3rm/4rm HDB flat to house their marine workers.
1 already damn tough to find, what more TWO.

Because they are based at Penjuru that side, areas preferred would be

Jurong East,
Jurong West,
Teban Gardens,
Pandan Gardens,

They wanna move in ASAP.

So if you're staying in these areas and seriously thinking of renting out your flat, really look no further seh.

Rest assured that you will enjoy a steady income of more than $2000 every month for the next 2 years.
Company lease mah so you don't need to worry about the tenants' ability to pay the rent on time.
Another thing, the company has a good 'past rental experience' reputation one.

Agents, very the welcomes to co-broke. :)

ANY MATCH, please call me at 9 7 2 4 8 8 6 6.
Thank you!

That being said, I got to get ready real soon for I have a meeting with a future childcare/pre-school owner. Yeap, assisting this lady boss to look for a detached/bungalow/semi-detached pair house to be converted into a pre-school.

Manic Monday today it is for me.
Have a great week ahead! :)

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