Saturday, August 18, 2012


Our home is ready for RAYA liao!

Booo looking so pretty against the new Latte backdrop at the balcony.

Nyla loves her room so much she's been spending alot of time in there.
Everytime we have family or friends over, she'd be a tour guide and show them her room.
Ya, only her room.
Also, she's very careful about pasting her Art stuff on the wall now.

Guess she must be a lil traumatised when she saw this. Hehe!

"Bibik, jangan tampal apa yang Nyla draw di dingding lagi okay."
So, I am pretty assured that her walls will be clean and smooth for quite some time.

The masterbedroom?
E and I love it.
We feel so relaxed just by looking at it everytime we come home after a long and tiring day.

Anyway, I was scrolling down the pictures on my Iphone when I came across these pictures taken when we brought Nyla to Kidzania KL.

What a coincidence.
Nippon Paint, you might want to consider Nyla to be part of your professional painters team. Hehehe!

That being said, the 3 of us would like to express our gratitude to Nippon Paint Singapore peeps for assisting us with regards to revamping our home.
Sucha fun, united, happy and damn efficient bunch!
Enjoyed the whole process of working with them.
Gerek gilz.

You see how obsessed this girl is with the Nippon Paint's 'Aqua Marine'?
She is definitely the MOST satisfied client ever.

Your home ready for Raya liao?

Anyway, I must say thanks to my dear friend, Hidayah, for suggesting that we use her car when I posted on Facebook that we were looking for a car to rent.

So difficult to rent cars during this festive period, so really, when she offered us her car, we were overjoyed!Link Thanks gf and hubs and GENDUTZ!

Pls do sit ups at home Gendutz. Thanks!

I also have another piece of good news.
Remember my Desperado entry?
After so many attempts (Failed ones obviously), I finally nailed it.
Since the countless number of HDB landlords and agents I called were not keen on these marine workers, I resorted to finding dormitories for them.

Yeap, travelled all the way to Tuas!
A whole new territory for me I must say.
The commercial market.

Attended last minute viewing in the morning just now to seal the deal!
And again, I'm fortunate to co-broke with such a sweet agent, Shermaine.

My client and I went "OK This is it! We're getting this!" the moment she showed us the dormitory.

That's the manager of the company, Mr Fazli, reading the terms and conditions before signing.

Really tickled when I saw this poster. Hehe.

I did some reflections.
I closed my first sale on 1st Ramadan.
Today is the last day of Ramadan and, All praises to Allah, I managed to overcome another challenging obstacle which was to find lodging for the Marine workers.

Truly, it has been a great and blessed month for me and family.
We will continue to work hard and pray harder!

That being said, my family and I would like to wish you all SELAMAT HARI RAYA. MAAF ZAHIR BATIN.
Happy bellies tomorrow I bet for all of us! Hehehe!

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