Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lovely Lebaran 2012

Hari Raya Pictures time.
The quality of most of my pictures here may not be good but the moments captured were super precious.

Ever since Nyla suffered a bad fall while carrying the huge camera, bye bye to that camera. As in, no way am I going to look at or even hold that camera again.
The sight of Nyla falling down ON the camera and then wailing so loud pained me.... I cannot forget.
Her chest was bruised and scratched as a result. *shudders*

Anyway, Iphone 4S camera pretty okay what and won't cause injury to my daughter, so yeap.

Enjoy the pictures honeys.
Truly a happenin' Raya this year! Alhamdullilah!
And Nyla, it's time to stop being a money -faced girl.
Naik lemak 3 consecutive days of receiving money, she keeps pestering us to go to people's houses.

I must also thank my momma for taking care of my Baju Raya this year. I've been busy with property stuff so I let my momma do her magic.

Mom: Betul eh. Apa Mak jahit, kau pakai eh.
Me: Ya, mak jahit je.
Mom: Tudung pon mak jahitkan boleh?
Me: Muddddddderrrrr, just sew only! I sure wear one.

And as with the previous years, ada aje blunder.
Last year, bad blisters.
This year, fav heels turned into alligator's mouth.

Hope the pictures made you smile and reminded you of your precious Raya moments with your families and friends. :)


  1. Salam Kak Nura, the 2nd pic, is it the dress that ur mum sew for u? Cantik it so much... Will u be considering to make some for sale?


  2. Shikin!! I love ur gold/beige dress! Your mum sew tt for u?? Is she selling it?

  3. Nura, me lurrvveee the first dress up on top pic. Mashallah. Go sell them girl! Im maxi dress crazy over here too! Modest is the new modern! :)