Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Come on Mommy

I was packing Nyla's school bag this morning when I suddenly remembered that Nyla actually had a spelling test yesterday.
Totally forgot all about it.
Blame it on post-Hari Raya syndrome.

Nyla: Easy la Mommy.

Usually, I'd run through with Nyla the spelling list before every spelling test.
Nyla is not really concerned about the marks though, she's just into the huge stickers her form teacher would award those with full marks, hence taking pride in every spelling test, giving her best shot.

And every time she scored full marks, either E or myself would sign and include short encouraging remarks.

My heart sank when Nyla brought home her spelling book today.
Not because it wasn't a perfect score.
I expected it because I didn't prepare her mah. (Even though she maciam champion said very easy!)

But I got so sad when she told me this:

"Mommy, you don't need to write anything after you sign ok. I write for you already."

That 'Come on Nyla' was written by her.
Heartbreak abis.

Dearest Nyla, I am so sorry you didn't get a sticker.
It is TOTALLY mommy's fault for not practising this week's spelling with you babe.

It should have been: "Come on Mommy." :(

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  1. aww yes i will feel bad too...same everytime i will practise wif my boy too...i almost did it u say...blame on raya hahah...insy'allah no more and really mean it