Tuesday, October 11, 2011

B & W Cotton Maxi Skirts!

This is going to be a short entry but I know it will make many ladies smile.

I'd like to tell you a story.
I have a friend who used to have a blogshop.
Funny how after she uploaded her first collection (and only one somemore. LOL!), she was offered a job she could not resist.
And when she took up this job offer, obviously she had no time to tend to her blogshop.
Click here.

I had so many enquiries regarding the WHITE MAXI SKIRT I wore for my Fringe Ponchos Photoshoot (the fringe ponchos are all sold out. Thank you gals!) and LOMBOK trip.

Whenever my readers ask where I get my stuff from, I would gladly share one because SHARING IS CARING. :)

Shiks has ready stock of these maxi skirts.

Available in the 2 colours that can never go wrong:

Material: Cotton
Size: FREE (S-L)

Indeed, it is very difficult to find a plain white/black maxi skirt but hey, look no further girls because I have a friend who has these hard-to-find long, flowy and absolutely comfortable skirts fit for any occasion.

Each piece is $37.

If you would like to order a piece for yourself, please do email me at nuraesman@gmail.com
Shiks forgot her mesfelicita gmail and blogspot password liao. Haha!

Babe, you owe me one. Love ya anyway!

Stock for these white/ black maxi skirts is limited so email me fast k my ladies to secure a piece for yourself. :)

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