Friday, June 24, 2011

The Daily 10 JULY Issue

The Daily 10 JULY issue (Primary 6 Maths) is really really really really really special because the questions (and answers!) are constructed by The Bottoms Up Club tutees during the June holidays.
They have worked very hard setting and vetting one another's questions they deserve a super duper kaaaapppiaaaaakkk on their backs.

They have been super duper hardworking 'exam setters' the past month, trying to outdo one another on whose questions are the most challenging and tricky. Funny yet heartwarming sight.

Mdm Nura is very proud of you, Bottoms Uppers! :)
Back to school for ya all next week!

If you are keen to order The Daily 10 JULY issue (For Primary 6 pupils), please email me at
1 set is just $9.90.

Also do indicate whether you would like the Standard or Foundation version ya. :)

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