Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Nesting instinct.
That sudden burst of intensive cleaning and organising your home.

I doubt I will have that. (If I do, I will surely let you all know one)

Right now, I'm like a workaholic. (roll eyes nampak?)
No no its not a IM SO BUSY I HAVE NO TIME! kinda situation.

I have become very productive I'm actually scaring my teammates.

Alina: Scary sia you now. Become so ON.

Ya she and Saat and Chris got so scared all left me here alone to settle property matters while they take 3 weeks leave from work.
Thanks guys. You alls are the bestest friends ever. You know I'm in a state where I would very much just like to lie down and you all do this.
Thanks guys. So much.

Hahaha. No la am kidding.
Honestly I was so worried when they told me that they will not be around for 3 weeks. Like how seh I can cope with the viewings la....with the presentations la....with the submission of cases to the office la....

Then the ultimate hero came to the rescue:
E: I kan ada.

Saaaaaap! Itu dia! Hehe!

Alamak lapar seh tengok makanan Puncak.
So the person who is extra busy will actually be him because he has to juggle school and having to ferry me around.

If E is really busy (especially now that the school term is coming to an end) then another person to be activated will be none other than Papa J.
Tapi ini service ada mahal sikit cos kena hulur.
LOL! Not that he asked la but macam tak sedap kan.
And everytime I hulur, he will always say,"Eh no need la! You ah Kin...." 
But he will take.
Ya talk and action very contradicting I know kan.
Tapi takpe I suka.

Anyway, its the CA week and I've been studying Science can you believe it whenever I have spare time in between. Hate Hate Hate process skills kinda questions when you need to really think.

Why can't the question be the generic kind like: "What do plants need to make food?"
Senang kan.
Then you memorise facts and then you just vomit out the answer.

Now the question is like:"Although the plant looks healthy, its stem is slanting towards the right. What can you do to make the plant be upright again?"

Diam la seh.

Ok la I nak pi breakfast, recharge and be productive for later.

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