Tuesday, March 10, 2015

One Direction

Yeap yeap.

Nyla and I... we will be among the 30,000 who will be watching these boys come tomorrow.
We started liking them after watching the boys' "This is us" movie so imagine our excitement when we found out these lads are coming to Singapore!

As you can see, Nyla even did a flatlay on her #ootd for the 1D concert.
(Need to tell part her suar dalam boxer takya include seh.)

I givvup on E. Any modelling agency out there keen to sign him up? He's got the grooooveeeee. Tyra Banks sure approve.

Me: But Nyla, you just wore this same outfit last Sunday!

Nyla: Ya la! I know. Sunday I testing la tu. Comfortable so it's ok to wear for 1D concert.

Me: Oh actually kan, if you wanna be a fashionista, try not to repeat the clothes you're wearing tau.

No response which means she doesn't get it la.

Anyway, we were at my mom's last week and I was telling Nyla to memorise all songs so she can sing along to the boys tomorrow.

Me: Babe, make the concert worth it k! No such thing as humming along to them. Sing along! So you better memorise their songs!!!

Nyla: Ok mommy! (Excited mode on)

And my dearest mom had to say this:

Ish.....Kalau memorise surah surah kan lebih bagus.

Aisey mother.

Sigh.....I know right.
I lose I lose.

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