Monday, March 16, 2015

Nyla is nominated for Pesta Perdana 13!

The above Mother's Day special Telemovie was Nyla's first acting debut.
E and I...We were open for her to try this role because we know that learning does not solely take place in school.
We can learn anywhere and everywhere. Through play...Through sports...Through acting in this case.

Nyla had many take aways from this valuable experience.
The need to memorise script....The pronunciation of the Malay words....The mood......The commitment (Like having to sacrifice weekends and go to work).....The opportunity to work alongside and learn from the experienced cast.

Nyla took 2 weeks to wrap up this telemovie.

DV Studio was very understanding making sure Nyla's filming schedule would not affect her school such as no filming on days she had supplementary lessons/CCAs. That and they made sure Nyla would finish filming by 7pm so she could go to bed early for school the next day.

With special arrangements like this, it would be a waste if we'd not let Nyla act!
So thank you DV Studio and to my friend, the talented Haryani Othman who asked me to let Nyla audition for the role!

When we found out Nyla was nominated in #pestaperdana13 this year, we were like, "Oh wow!"
Very pleasantly surprised!

Nyla had a look at this and her first words were," I'm last place is it?"

"No la Nyla. You're the top 5 nominated for this category darling!"

The other kids in the category are damn good themselves so I've been telling Nyla not to have too high hopes.

I mean to be nominated is already something to be grateful for so we will be enjoying the night to celebrate the deserving talents! She's a chillax kinda kid so it was easy.

Nyla: But, what happens if I win? (Ler step over confident pulak)
Me: Then you will have to make a speech.
Nyla: Alone?
Me: Yes.

(Dalam hati macam nak cakap je: I don't think you'll win babe so relax. Lol!)

By the way.....
SUFYAA will be our choice with regards to dressing us up.
I know la it's Nyla's night but I'll be accompanying her mah so I also need to look presentable pe.
I'm jut hoping I can get 1 ticket for E as well!
Anyway, the other time when I appeared on Selamat Pagi Singapura pon Sufyaa yang sponsor.
LOVE LOVE LOVE their style. My type la.

We have already gone down to their showroom to take our measurements for our #sufyaabespoke last week.

That's their designer there. Young and "She's so pretty, mommy!" Plus talented.

Tu ah. Dah gini pon masih ada hati nak measure waist kan.

So come 28 March, we will be attending this very prestigious Pesta Perdana 13 awards ceremony.

Nyla: Mommy if I win la ah, can I say, "Nyla happy menang. I will thank la the team all then I say Mommy, this is for you! I menang untuk you!

Sooooooo awwwwwwww boleh nangis kan.

UNTIL she said

"Cos you never win before plus never get nominated before. Somemore you're older than me." 

Terus terguris seh hati I.

Me: Nyla, that is tak baik.

Nyla: Giggling. But true what.... continues giggling.

Man, the truth hurts.

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