Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Excluzif Dual Tone HOODIGANS

The past months I have turned on tremendous bursts of speed for my property work and now I wanna take a break from it all and ....berposing posing la pulak.

When I was very very young, because I am the only daughter, wah my mom really dressed me up.
With the bulu bulu hair bands la....stockings la...dresses...
Now that I am not very very young anymore, my mom is still at it la. Just shows that no matter how old you are, you will always still be your parents' baby one.

Her line will usually be the same: "Kin..Mak baru jahit ni tau. Try sikit. Kalau kau berkenan, pakai la." 

obedience and respect towards our mothers very the important duty in Islam hence must go all out to please our mothers so we all have good lives.

My mother for always coming up with ideas like these (semenjak I berhijab, menjadi jadi pulak ideas ye mom!)...for sewing...
And my daughter for taking the pictures....
Thank you muchie my girls!

Not free child labour don't worry.

Me: Ok Nyla, you have to take pictures of me ok.
Nyla: How much you paying me?
Me: Ok I'll be wearing 4 hoodigans. $2 for each hoodigan. Hmmmm. How much ah I should pay you eh?

Lol. Alamak dia dah tau ah kita nak selit multiplication.

Nak duit punya pasal (E is teaching her about saving money now), she calculated.
So yesterday in went 8 bucks into her tabong.

Sidetrack abit.
We are on KEEK now.
So go download and forrow me and Nyla k for our short video updates!
Username: Nura_J!

Ok ladies tanpa berlengah lagi, here are the Hoodigans. (Cardigan + Hood= Hoodigan)
In December 2011, we launched The Excluzif Dual Tone Ponchos....
Today kakak dia pulak: The Excluzif Dual Tone Hoodigans




FREE SIZE (Fits S-XL), this very comfortable and versatile 127 cm long chiffon dual toned hoodigan is $60 per piece. (Free normal postage)
Can be styled in many ways definitely.

PS: I am only about 1.6m tall.Actually my mom made sure that the length of this hoodigan is the same as the generic maxi dresses out there. :)

Thats it. PART 1 of the HOODIGANS. (Yeap got part 2, stay tuned!)
However if you like what you see here, faster faster email me ok. I have very limited pieces.
See you at

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