Friday, April 5, 2013


I was about to fetch Nyla from school yesterday evening whenI received a phonecall requesting for viewing at Teck Whye Lane.
E couldn't be back on time to switch 'Nyla-sitting' shift with me so no choice gotta bring Nyla along.


Weekends, Nyla doesn't like to accompany me for viewings.
Weekdays, she loves.As in she really gets very overjoyed one.

We reached my clients' place pretty early.
Nyla: Wanna keek?

Lol. She is really an avid keeker I must say.

Me: Ok keek what? You can keek me later when I'm showing the house or something?
Nyla: ALWAYS YOU SEH MOMMY! (Padahal dia seh conquer the keek videos) TAKE ME LA.
Hmmmm, why don't I pretend to be Nyla E ERA?
Me: ON AH babe.

I tell you, I think she has been observing me so much...pattern sama seh.
I tried so hard to tahan my giggles ...Cannot giggle too much wait the hands shake and video will turn out blurry mah.

Click here.
Enjoy the video!

PS: My laptop will be on till 12pm so I am slowly replying to the Hoodigan orders. Thank you very much for the support girls.

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