Monday, March 11, 2013

Marvelous Monday

"Success is like a traveler setting out to reach a particular destination. She starts out traveling the maximum speed limit. But the road is not straight. She has to reduce her speed for curves, loops, speed bumps, construction sites , caution lights, and maybe a brief delay due to a flat tire. These might slow her down, but with the determination to reach her destination, she does not dare give up. She must keep traveling. The saying is true, "a quitter doesn't win. and a winner doesn't quit."

Life has many struggles, and in the midst of your struggles, the goal may seem unreachable; but you'll be fine if you pop the trunk of your intuition, put on the spare tire of strong determination, and make sure that you check the oil of perseverance in your engine."

Read these wise words form Mary Aaron and thought it'd be perfect to share with all of you on a Monday morning. :)

I have decided that Monday be an off day for me to recharge my batteries after a week of tuition, appointments and viewings.

However, thing is... in this real estate profession, everything will be looking good and that there will be no appointments scheduled in the next few days..and I figure that no one will be calling and that I can take the day off and not do any work..and then WHAM BAM a call comes in.

"Hi Nura! Can co-broke your _____? Can we arrange for viewing this evening? Thanks!"

Where can answer,"Eh cannot, today is my off day leh. Tomorrow can?" right?

I can always bluff and say,"Owners cannot make it tonight. Sorry."

But that would mean that I'm closing the door on my client's (and mine too) opportunity to sell their unit.

Well....I am just thankful that I am able to block my weekday mornings so that I can spend time with Nyla before she leaves for school.
Every time I start my work, I take comfort in knowing that I have spent a solid 2-3 hours with her earlier. :)

She is still in love with her classmate. E and I have to put up with her stories everyday. Even though we will roll our eyes in front of her, she will continue and say, "And then ah... "

Last Saturday while I was teaching tuition, E brought her out for breakfast.
She was rocking her chair and of course, fell backwards and her drink spilt onto her face.
So imagine my shock when she came back with wet hair.

E: Your girl fell. And you know what's the first thing she said?
Me: What?
E: "Phew! Lucky Kosei not here. Paiseh seh me."

Fall down also can think of boyfriend.
Parah la.

Anyway, Marvelous Monday you alls. :)
Remember I can...You can...We all can! Hehehhe!

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