Thursday, March 14, 2013

 It has been a good start to the week.

Last Monday was the completion for my buyer's condominium.
I tell you ah..

This buyer has got to be the MOST difficult client ever.
He is so demanding, I buay tahan.
Everytime send me sms one.

And if I never reply immediately, he'd call and say, "Pls reply my sms!" and then hang up.
Wish I could say "Your mother never teach you manners is it?!" but... we share the same mother so cannot. Lol.

My Bah aka the most demanding and difficult client ever.
Even though my job was supposedly done on that Monday, man my "To do list" still keeps going la with this fella.

"Can you collect the keys for me? Thanks sis!"
"Can help bank in the cheque? Thanks sis!"
"Oh don't drop the cheque in the cheque deposit box k. Make sure you queue! Thanks sis!" 

"The items that I don't want...have they been disposed? Can drop by and check? Thanks sis!"

Luckily, near my place seh. So at least not so bad.

Nyla is the happiest.
Of course, no electricity in the house so she really feeling-feeling Ghostbuster last Tuesday night.

Congratulations Bah, Netty and Rooqy on the purchase of your new cozy home and welcome back from Umrah!
It has been my pleasure (more like, pressure!Hehe!) serving you Bah!

Yesterday was my first HDB appointment for my Bedok clients pulak.

Alhamdullilah, a breezy one.
You know, I've heard so many horror stories about cocked up first appointments/completions and bullyish co broke agents la.
I am so thankful that the co broke agents I have sealed the deal with are so so gerek.

It was really a 'tight' day for me yesterday but I am really glad to have Alina by my side.
Every morning she will send me our schedule and she will also block the timings for prayers and makan.
This is an example.

Tina is also grooming her to be a model and Alina just secured a modelling 'contract' with a clothing company. Steady.
Love to hear people's successes!

Yesterday we also managed to sign 2 exclusives.
Rental of whole unit at Woodlands.
Winks at Lia who will be leaving for Umrah with her hubby today. May you both have a safe journey there and back. Amin. :)

The moment I uploaded this listing on Property Guru yesterday, I received a call requesting to view. Fast game.
Another exclusive is for the sale of a 4rm at Kang Ching Road.
Will upload once I have settled the bank loan part for these clients who intend to buy after they sell. :)

Another fast game is the valuation which was done yesterday at Marsiling Rise.
I checked my email today and the valuation report is in liao!
I have uploaded the latest additions on my Property Guru.
Click HERE.

And then, I was packing Nyla's school bag earlier and opened her school journal.

Dearest Nyla, you are my super best friend too and if you like what you see with mommy's job, I'll be more than glad to work with you babe. :)

May today be a Terrific Thursday for me and you. Amin!

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