Friday, February 15, 2013

Blessing in disguise

Nearly 3 a.m. and I am wide awake no thanks to the 2 glasses of coffee I consumed earlier.
Now that the Chinese New Year holidays are over, property work is really on full swing mode.
Thanks Tina for lending us your car to run our errands just now and also for tomorrow.

The long weekend was such a relaxing one and I spent quality and quantity time with my loved ones.

Anyway last week was quite a roller coaster ride for me and Alina.
We were both in super duper good moods when we managed to negotiate the right price for our buyers who were keen on this particular home.
That and the coming CNY for Alina. 
So member really Raya mood abis la.

Now these clients of ours....
They cannot take HDB loan liao. Bank loan it is for them.
Before we embarked on a house hunt, I made sure that they get AIP (Approval in Principle) for their home loan.
Basically a guarantee that the bank will extend you the loan when you need it...

I really need to make sure that I avoid problems for my clients.
If we know the exact amount of our home loan, we can develop a realistic budget. :)
Knowing the loan size also will help to narrow our choices hence getting a clear idea of what we can and cannot afford.
That and plus, my clients will have a peace of mind knowing that if they like a place, it is highly possible they can buy it because bank gives them green light.

Ok so AIP done and the banker assured us that his bank will grant my clients a loan of 157K.

So when we viewed the house that they liked, it was a perfect fit.
Within our budget.
OTP signed!

Shortlived though.

Then the dreaded phonecall arrived when the bank was in the midst of preparing the LO.(Letter of Offer)
(Now there is a possibility that the bank may lend you that maximum amount (in my client's case, 157K), or it may lend you a lot less.)

Banker: Nura, got problem.

Me: U bluff right bro? 

Banker: I wish la sister. We cannot give your client loan of 157K. Only 126K. Can?

Me: HUH?! Thats a big drop la! Of course cannot! Like that they need to dip into their cash proceeds to top up. Then how to do renovation works for their new house seh? I already do calculations based on 157K seh bro.

Banker: Really sis. 126K is our best.

Me: WAILING. BRO PLS LA! TRY LA UP SOMEMORE! NEW YEAR COMING seh. (I know, no connection right? lol!)

Banker: I try. Will get back to you.

'Will get back to you" means I must wait.
Waiting is really a very painful process.
STRESSED when spelt backwards is DESSERTS.

Yup Alina and I had just that.
I didn't even have mood to dress up k on that day.
Wore instant tudung to J Cube.  No mood to also wear contact lens pon, what more mascara.

Alina: Nura, you look like Makcik sia.

Then after having 2 scoops of ice cream, I gathered the courage to call my client and inform him of this rather unpleasant news. Must update mah.
He was surprisingly calm and told me to re-do my calculations based on the lowered approved amount.
But his wife was exactly like me.
Turned into kancheong spider.
Everytime she called me, my heart beat very fast sey.

At last banker called.

Banker: Nura, ok this other bank can probably match the initial 157K. I will pass your number to this banker ok.

Me: THANK YOU! Yes please.

Then the new banker called.

New Banker: Hey Nura! Ok I have good news. Looking at your client's healthy credit situation, not only can we match leh...can grant him an even higher amount than 157K... You want me to try?

This is really something totally unexpected.
Such a pleasant surprise.

This also means that my clients' cash proceeds will increase.
More cash for them in their pockets. Nice!
Boleh la sang suami beli prada bag for si isteri.... Heheheheh.

Me: OF COURSE SEY bro! Yes pls do try!
New Banker: Ok you don't tell them this first.

Just like that, total change with regards to my emotions. From so heartbroken to so hopeful.

And the most anticipated phone call arrived.

New Banker: Nura, go tell your clients these good news. Instead of 157K, Loan of 170K approved! (This means my clients have more bonus money in hand!)


New Banker: Ok relax Nura.  (Jual mahal pulak dekni :p)

All praises to Allah.
"The sun appears again in the sky after each storm, and then everything is calm. Believe in the sun when you are engulfed in the darkness, and a thousand difficulties and obstacles are blocking your way. Remember that it will arrive, and wait."

In short, ada hikmah di sebalik ujian tersebut.
HE knows best.

PS: My sincerest thanks to both the bankers (They even share the same name!) who did their very best to make this dream loan possible.

This weekend will be a busy one for me I have a feeling.
Probably have viewings for my current listings here.

Teaching on Saturday morning and...
Songket Shootout this Sunday early morning!
Miss working with Tina so much.

I have also received enquiries from some of you who are keen to be property agents asking if its a wise move.
My answer is really very simple darlings.
If your heart says YES, follow it.
And most importantly believe that Allah is the provider of all sustenance.
As you sow, so shall you reap. :)

I am so sorry if I have not replied to your emails.
Sitting in front of the PC is really a rare occasion for me now because I am rarely at home.
Instead please just give me a call and I'll gladly chat with you about real estate stuff. :)

So if you wanna join the real estate industry ke .....wanna buy a house....thinking of selling your home....renting your unit....wanna view the units I am currently marketing..please just call me at
Don't need to be shy la pls k.

Also to any agents reading this, CO-BROKE is so the very welcome. :)
Looking forward to collaborate with more awesome property agents!

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