Monday, January 28, 2013

I have so many things to blog about seh.
Just don't know where to begin.

Let's start with our pet cockatiel,Booo la.
This bird is so cute nak mampz okay.
The most sardin bird I've ever seen.

Usually (on Sundays) Nyla and E will take Booo downstairs and let it perch on the bench while feeding it some vitamins.

Now pls imagine the route to go downstairs.
Booo will perch on Esman's shoulders as E walked along the corridor.
Got chance to escape right? He never la.
He'll just enjoy the reservoir view. Kecoh right this bird?

We didn't clip his wings. Already keep bird as pet macam so kesian, what more if we clip his wings. :(
Nyla is trying very hard to be the best pet owner ever it is very touching to observe.

Every morning, she will read a book to him. Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays (English book) Tuesdays and Thursdays (Malay book)... (Yah I was the one who gave her the idea of alternating English and Malay so she can improve on her reading aloud skills.). Of course I didn't tell her the reason. Wait she will stop this habit. Its a win win situation for everyone man. Muahahahah! And really, the bird really looks forward to his reading sessions.

Just look at Booo. Step music teacher seh. Macam nak sepak seh ni burung.

Nyla will also give dancing lessons to Booo on some days and make him watch the music videos. His all time favourite? Opppaaaa Gannngnaaaam Style! I know it's dah basi but Booo very pantang if we play this.

So far we have only taught him to sing 2 songs.
"Happy Birthday" and "If you're happy and you know it..."
Sometimes this bird will get all confused and do mash up of these 2 songs.Step glee la. :p
Later I show you the video.

Anyway, shout out to Abang Sam and wifey!.
We had a wedding invite last night and they were such awesome company. Loving couple also these 2 after 18 years of marriage. Wow.

 Me and Mrs Sam!

Tomorrow I'm bringing my right hand woman, Alina, to Abang Sam's at TripleOne Somerset Glitz Hairworks.
Chinese New Year coming mah so must look more chiooooo. Hehehehe.

Must thank again my mom for selecting this sooooo pretty fabric and sewing a maxi cape for me!
If you must know, my mom only sewed a piece for Shireen who wore it to Ungu Concert.

I saw her Instagram Photo and asked my mom to sew another same one for me. Very "Copycat kiss the rat go home let your mother slap!"
In this case, go home let your mother SEW! Heheheh!

Thanks Shireen and Kak Asnida for rocking the Maxi Capes!

Still at the topic of moms, my mother in law tagged along to my viewing session yesterday at Sengkang. Haha! I really feel that I am the most kecohrable real estate agent ever.

Bring daughter la...

husband la...(Received durians somemoreeee!!!!)

Mother in law la... 
Just fortunate to have gerek clients. I've been lucky.

Tuition with my P6ers at 4p.m. and a viewing at Choa Chu Kang at 8 p.m. (No I'm not telling my mom, Nanti dia pulak sound nak follow.)

I really mean it when I say I enjoy working with my clients.
They are really happening.

Okay and as promised click HERE for Boo's MASH UP song! LOL!

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