Sunday, January 13, 2013

2I? Huh?

If you see my Bedok 2I listing  here  and your question is, “What is 2I? As in what kind of flat is that?”

Answer: This absolutely cosy unit has ONE living area…ONE bedroom….ONE kitchen….ONE bathroom.
Kiut Miut kaannnnnn?

And it is definitely rare to see this kind of unit for sale because many of the home owners are elderly with no intention of selling their flats hence it can be extremely difficult to find one on the market.

If you think “Aiya, I’m not old la. This kind of flat is only for the old people.”

I tell you ah…This kind of layout is especially appealing to singles as well as yuppy couples.

If you’re single (35 years above), you can secure this on your own.
If you’re single (21 above) and living with just your mother or father or sibling, this type of unit is definitely for you if you’re seriously considering to own a flat
If you have elderly parents who are staying in a big flat…just the 2 of them, then you should encourage them to move to a smaller unit….Easier to maintain. Also, they get to enjoy the cash proceeds during their golden years from that sale of their bigger flat.
If you’re a couple with no children, yes you might want to consider this “Condo Style”  unit for a fraction of the price!

Somemore, Bedok is a mature and well-established housing estate.
Tough to get a HDB unit for LESS than 300K now.

If you'd like more information regarding this 2I or anything related to property, just holler me at 97248866.
If shy to talk, sms. :p

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