Thursday, December 27, 2012

The whole day yesterday, I spent like 95% of the time in bed.
Was down with terrible flu, fever and bodyache.
Luckily E was on leave so I didn't feel bad about Nyla being left on her own.

She's sucha gem I tell you, my Nurse Nyla.
 She sponged me using her panties. Yeap.

"Mommy, cannot find handkerchief la. I use my suar dalam k. I haven't use one. So it's clean."

In sickness, also can make me laugh.
She checked my temperature every few minutes.
Basically she applied whatever I did to her when she was sick to me.

Alhamdullilah, I'm wayyyyyyy better now.
Up and about already.
Just did 2 loads of laundry.
Perhaps gonna vacuum and mop later because we just did reno works to our balcony.
Yeap, bye bye to our badly damaged laminated balcony flooring!
Sure feels good not to wake up to those unsightly gaps la!

Thing is the agencies I have been going to..the admin charges are pretty high. 
That and the biodatas of the potential helpers are very bleargh! :(
Basically I am looking for a married with a kid helper....Kampong kind also never mind cos can train mah.

I'm also at the moment settling tuition.

Attention to my PRIMARY 1 clients whom I have touched base with last month, if you receive no news from me today, pls sms me at 97248866.
 Primary 1 tuition will commence next Saturday 5th January 2013. :)

My Primary 2 mommies, later check our group whatsapp!

This year I will only be taking one class of Primary 6 Foundation.
I have 2 more spaces. :)

Moving on to real estate.

Just yesterday I had 3 enquiries.
One wanna upgrade, another wanna downgrade and another wanna buy a private property.

That's why today no choice but to get well!
Work is clearly waiting for me.

Anyway last Saturday's real estate work was a bad bad bad experience for me.

Whatever that you do, abide by the rules.
Owners, if you haven't satisfied the M.O.P, you cannot rent out the WHOLE unit.
What you can do is room rentals. You MUST live in the house with your tenants.
As much as I'd like to blame the property agent, I think we need to also point our fingers at the owners as well.
Both salah la.
But the stupider one is the real estate agent because you have a choice to represent your client.
If this client is the sort who will drag you down and cause you sleepless nights, why laaaaaa you agree to work for them? Soooooo not worth it one.

Anyway, did you catch Ratu 2 days ago?
If you haven't, click here.
Got me leh. :p
Wanna thank Norazee and Tina for making sure I looked presentable on TV. Thank you my babes. :)

So sorry its a no pics blog entry people. :(
2012 ending real soon. Let's make a good year out of 2013 in shaa Allah! 

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