Thursday, December 6, 2012

Nyla...You're fired!

Already 6th December!!!
Well let's just say that time is passing real fasttttttt.

I am still bibik-less and running around out there.
Don't wanna stay home too much la.
Maciam depressing like that see my laundry bag always full despite settling laundry every other day. Apa ni?!
And the mountain of clothes to be folded. Yeah, Mount Kaninabu is the name. :ppp
I'm not going to mention ironing. Aaaargh!

Honestly, quite a rough time for me. Past few weeks, I have been busy attending events, preparing for my P1 workshop and my real estate work.

And coming back to a not so spick and span home and loads of housework to do....WALANDE.

Like wanna cry like that. And because it's the school holidays it means I have to also make sure Nyla's needs are catered for. She loves company. (Like the mommy)
And she's got so many gerek playmates, must have playdates.

 If there is 1 person truly having a whale of a time during the past few weeks, it's Nyla.
And happy child= happy momma!

She has also been tagging along to many of my appointments and lately, she has waved the white flag.

If last time, a call came in for me to go for viewing, her response would be,"I'm following ah Mommy!"

Now, she's coming up with excuses.
"You go when Daddy comes back from work la Mommy so I stay with Daddy..."
"You put me at Tok Mummy's / Ibu Ana's / Aunty Kin's house la Mommy....."
"You call Mak to come and look after me at home la Mommy.."
"You go when I'm asleep la Mommy at night...."

I guess she's tired la ya. :(
Ok Nyla, you are so fired! :p

So now. if she doesn't want to tag along, I'd have to make arrangements for her.
Just 2 nights ago, she had her first sleepover at Aunty Kin's house.
So memorable, she is still talking about her experience.

"Aunty Kin served us hashbrowns and nuggets Mommy! The moment we wake up, food there already! Magic!"
"So fun Mommy main bawah blok!!!!"
 "Marsya and I sang Taylor Swift and Ryan, Elisya and Keisya become our behind dancers!"(Back up la tu)

Really wonderful to hear her stories.
Kin, Thank you ya for making my kid feel like she's part of your family.
She has no siblings so experiences like these are really priceless. :)

Today, I have decided that I not work and just spend time with Nyla.
We'll probably do lunch together and just chill at our favourite hangout, Jurong Regional Library.

Anyway, the coming days, I am gonna be busy with my real estate work.

I have a single female Chinese lady who owns a cat. She'd like to rent a room at Yishun/ Bishan/Toa Payoh (along the red MRT line la cos she's working at Orchard)
Any of you wanna earn a minimum of $600 a month by renting out your room in any of the locations mentioned above, call me!

Any of you would like to rent out 3 rm flat or 2 rooms for short term? Now till June. Budget max $1400. At Bukit Batok/CCK/Bt Panjang. If matching, pls call me. 

Spacious exec HDB flat. 4 bedrooms. Yeap, The Teck Whye beautiful home I ever blogged about. Kak Izah and hubby have decided to instead rent out their whole unit. :)

This one also I just secured the listing. Valuation all done liao for them. I am currently assisting these clients in applying for bank loan with regards to their next home purchase. Once loan approved, I can start marketing their 2 room HDB flat at Bedok. Rare one. :)

Right now, I'm also assisting a fellow friend. Her mother is considering to sell her 3 rm flat and intend to either buy a studio apartment or a 2 rm resale flat. So, I'll be bringing them to HDB next week to clarify their doubts.

Yeap, that's about it. :)
I've learnt the most valuable thing from the past property experiences:

When your client intends to sell, what is the next course of action? If intend to buy, settle that bit first.
The loan part and all so that they have a roof secured after they sell.

If you have any property enquiries, pls do not hesitate to call me at 9724 8866.
I don't charge a single cent for my property advice one.

I'll gladly do a FREE property analysis for you and tell you whether it is a "Yay" or "Nay" move to proceed and sell/buy/rent. :)

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