Thursday, November 29, 2012

Blast Off to P1 Workshop for parents. TWO days left!

Jenn and I are feeling very excited.
Looking forward to our "Blast off to Primary 1" Workshop for parents whose children will be in Primary 1 next year this coming Saturday!

2 DAYS left! Weeeeeeee.

Children these days are just wired very differently.
They are very seeemmmaaaarrrtttt.
Always hungry for knowledge and explanations.
Ideas overflowing.
Motor mouths.
Always on the go. (Cannot keep still la tu)

Both Jenn and myself cannot wait to share with you effective and super duper fun strategies to make learning at home damn fun.
Remember our motto is not to make the kids know that they're studying.

We make them think that they're playing and that they are enjoying themselves.

These Beliebers/One Directioners are happily singing. They are actually practising their reading skills.

Nyla thinks she is playing with straws, happily cutting them into smaller pieces. She is actually learning the concept of ones and tens.

These bunch of excited kiddies think they're having a party. They have just learnt the steps on how to make garlic bread. (Sequence writing activity)

Just 3 examples out of the plenty we will be sharing this Saturday.

Parents, last time Primary 1 and present really worlds apart.
If last time our Maths paper was like this:

THEN: 7 + 2 = ____

Now the P1s face this:

NOW: 2 tens 4 ones + 3 tens 5 ones = _____

If last time our problem sum was like this:

THEN: In a basket, there are 3 apples and 4 oranges. How many apples and oranges are there altogether?

NOW:  Amy saw a total of 5 cows and hens in a barn. There were 16 legs altogether. How many cows were there in the barn?

Don't say your child scratch head.
You also will k.
Until dandruff all berteraboh on the table.

We give you another one.

Tom gave 15 sweets to each of his 2 friends.
He had 24 sweets left.
How many sweets did Tom have at first?

Yeap, 2 steps.

Only in Primary 1 and they are required to solve 2 steps problem sums.
Our poor babies.

We complain to MOE also no use. It will just keep getting tougher.
But one thing we can do is to help our children and partner them in this fast paced learning process.

For those of you who'd like to participate in the workshop this Saturday, we have 3 spaces left.

Here are the details.

WHEN: SATURDAY 1st December 2012

WHERE: Harmony Room 1, (Super near to Braddell MRT Station)

WHAT TIME: 11a.m. to 1p.m.

"INVESTMENT" : $75 (Wanna come alone can. With spouse can. With your 6 year old also can.) 
Email me at
See you all in 2 days' time!

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