Friday, November 23, 2012


2 days ago, I went to Kak Izah's cosy home at Teck Whye Lane.

I was excited because it is an executive apartment with 4 bedrooms. Very rare.
Nyla tagged along .

Usually she'd behave herself but when she gets too comfortable, Nyla can be pretty embarrassing.
And Kak Izah was really sweet, "Takper la Nura. Biarkan Nyla relax."

Ni dah bukan relaxing seh. Ni dah landing teros.

Anyway, a big perk of being a real estate salesperson is the chance to meet new and exciting people. Blessed with a really loving husband and three grown up daughters, Kak Izah shared with me about her family life. Very interesting and inspiring.

While Kak Izah and I  were chatting away, my mini secretary feasted on the drinks and baulus.
Good life ah this P.A of mine.

Back to real estate talk.
Initially, Kak Izah wanted to sell since she and husband have fully financed their current flat.
However after I did the property analysis for them, I realised that even though it would be a positive sale for them, other factors such as future COV for their next house...renovation costs for the next house etc would make them go from,"We wanna sell!" to "Hmmmmmmmm..."

Sometimes I feel sad when I hear people generalise real estate agents as being commission hungry and not trustworthy.
Of course I feel sorry that some real estate agents behave in such a manner causing the rest of us to suffer.
Anyway, as with any profession there are good ones and not so good ones.
The ones you were dealing with maybe scums BUT that doesn't mean the rest are. :)

Back to Kak Izah's story.
In the end after the analysis and discussion with her family members, they stepped on the brake pedal to sell.
Red light for now.

If you're thinking,"If call Nura to come to my house for property discussion, die die MUST sell. If never sell, maciam waste everyone's time like that."

Pls k.

You must not feel obligated.
It is my job to do the analysis and calculations and advise you.
And trust that I shall not put pressure on you to close the deal.

I am okay with a "Hmmmm. No la Nura. If like this, I think we don't sell la."

Let us together be focused on a great mutual partnership instead of making a sale.

So people, if you're considering whether it is a YAY or NAY move to sell and would like me to do a property analysis for you, I'm here!

Just call or sms me at 9 724 88 66.

PS: Since it is the school holidays, I really have no choice but to bring my personal assistant. Actually she can be pretty reliable. See, make sure sofa all neat for the mommy to snap pics. :p

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  1. Bravo, sis!

    I think the relationship built is more precious than the commission! u earned a true friend!